Downside Of Installing Awning Windows

Downside Of Installing Awning Windows

Your kitchen is a busy place indeed! With extensive cooking and baking going on daily, the room needs proper ventilation as well as the rapid expulsion of heat. The best way to ensure this is to opt for awning windows. Installing such windows will definitely help you to keep cool and comfortable while working in the kitchen.

 Sadly, every good product comes associated with its unique set of disadvantages too. An awning window is no exception either.  Although the system of opening outwards makes it easy for you to use any room fitted with it even when it is pouring with rain or snowing heavily, having every window replaced with awning may not be great idea totally. It has a few downsides too.

Check out the problems below before you decide to replace every window in your house with an awning style.

  • Size – Well, size does matter when it comes to an awning window. Unfortunately, the maximum size limit for this style of window is smaller than the standard window sizes. It is not a form of style only though but the smaller size helps the window to remain in place longer as the heavier sashes generally tend to break or get warped due to the pressure on the window frame. This is definitely a disadvantage if you are contemplating replacing your double as well as tripe pane windows with the awning style all round.
  • Location– The exact place of installation is all important while choosing awning windows for your rooms. You need to be careful about the exterior of your house as well. Your kitchen, for instance, may be located at the back of your home with the windows opening directly above a deck, a terrace or a porch. You need to remember the location of the awning every time so as not to bump into the open window and hurt yourself.
  • Equipments – Having a barbecue grill outdoors will certainly help you to plan open air parties. Unfortunately using the grill placed just below your window extensively may result in deformation or damage of the window unit.
  • Dirt – The sashes are exposed to dirt as the window opens outward. They happen to be slanting as well and accumulation of dirt is a problem. You need to regularly wash your windows in order to keep your house clean and sparkling.
  • Escape Route – Storm windows and screens are located on the inside of your awning window that makes it impossible to escape through it. While this is usually considered to be an advantage in keeping out trespassers and burglars, the very same feature can prove to be detrimental in life threatening emergency situations like a fire breakout or earthquake.

However, the advantages of installing awning windows exceed its disadvantages that are more placement and maintenance related instead of being constructional problems.

You need to check the pros and cons thoroughly before choosing to have awning windows for your beautiful home.


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