We are very excited to introduce and share with you a unique new product called Security Window Film! This film will add security to your home, protecting you and your family from forced entry, vandalism and projectiles. It will also protect your children and family from possible injuries from broken glass from your windows and doors

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How does it work?

The special film is applied onto your new or existing windows and doors glass, adding strength to help hold glass fragments together. This creates a strong barrier, slowing down potential criminals to the point where they may flee to find an easier target. While cameras and alarms may deter some intruders, security film can physically prevent an intruder from coming in. The security film keeps the glass in place even when it is shattered, consequently denying the intruder access to your home. It will also prevent injuries by protecting you from flying glass shards, whether it is from thrown toys or stray golf balls.

See this revolutionary technology in action!

This product originated in the US for protection against severe weather and intruders and is now making its way to the Canadian market. We are one of the first companies to offer this product in the GTA. Because we are very eager to share this exciting new product with you, we are currently offering all of our previous and valued customers a special discount of 40% off until September 1st!

Window Safety & Security Film Benefits

Stands up to
Mother Nature

Reduce Hazards
from Explosions

Leave Criminals
Empty Handed

Cost Effective
Against Vandalism

Solar Protection


Safety & Security Film Performance Measurements

Read in accordance with National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) standards and calculated on single pane 6mm (1/4”) clear glass.
*IR Rejection is tested in the IR range of 780 to 2500 nanometers.

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