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Richmond Hill windows and doors renovations are easier than ever with WindowTech Canada. Our inventory consists of the latest designs, materials, and construction innovations. Each window and door is made to maintain its original form and rigidity for many years. Combined with our professional installation process, this means that you can look forward to fresh aesthetics, easy operation, and reduced energy bills for decades.

The selection of Richmond Hill windows and doors variations is likely much more than you think. Our professional staff is eager to help you navigate all of the choices so that you end up with windows and exterior doors that perfectly fit your lifestyle and personal design preferences within a budget you are comfortable with.

A Common Reasons to Replace Windows in Richmond Hill

Installed by professionals

When you discover damaged frames, cracked glass, or excessive drafts, call WindowTech Canada to ensure that your replacement windows will function like new throughout the shrinking and swelling that occurs during the winter and summer. 

Curb appeal

One of the first things home buyers notice is how well maintained your property is and how much it ‘feels like home’.  Fluctuations in temperature can instantly remove a sense of comfort, and old windows can make it feel like everything has been neglected. New windows reverse all of this in your favour.


When the room you are in constantly fluctuates from hot to cold, it’s bad for your nervous system and can cause a lot of undue stress. Maximize your home’s comfort with windows that keep your room at a consistent temperature and provides more natural light.


Old windows are almost always difficult to keep clean, and sometimes impossible when the wood is chipped or vinyl is stained. New windows are simply made better with integrated features that deter grime, dents, and stains. The mechanisms are also more sophisticated, allowing for smooth operation.

Energy efficiency

Leaky windows are one of the biggest sources of unnecessary monthly expenses. Not only does it cause your HVAC equipment to cycle on more often than needed, but it also causes premature repairs and replacement from running them so hard. New windows can greatly reduce these costs.

Visual Upgrades

Older windows, especially drafty or damaged windows, can make your entire home feel older than it needs to. Replacing these will give any room a drastic upgrade and match your modern design aesthetic much easier.

Exterior Doors in Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill replacement doors are always a wise investment. This simple upgrade can change the entire design theme of your home, majorly increase your home’s security, and add plenty of comfort to your everyday life. To make the most of it, engage WindowTech Canada to professionally install everything. This ensures proper fitment and functionality, and avoids wasting hours of trial and error and the stress of dealing with an amateur contractor.

Big Reasons to Replace Exterior Door

Homeowners come to WindowTech professionals for many reasons. Some are getting ready to sell their home, and others have recently purchased a house and want to customize it with their personal style. Some families have younger or elderly members that find it difficult to pull the weight of old door styles. Other families want to maximize security with upgraded materials and mechanisms. Whatever your reason is, start by scheduling a free consultation and make sure to inquire about the latest discounts and convenient payment plans.

Richmond Hill windows and doors are more valuable than you may expect. They can dramatically improve the look of your home if you are getting ready for the real estate market or simply want an upgrade to your living space. They are also responsible for protecting your HVAC equipment and keeping outdoor weather where it belongs. The process is simple. Take advantage of our free consultation offer and inform our windows and doors specialists what your budget and goals are. We will work directly with you to find products that meet your budget and installation services that meet your schedule. 

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WindowTech: WINDOWS AND DOORS PRICES in Richmond Hill

Window Type Avg. Price Min Avg.Price Max
Bay/Bow $2500 $6000
Casement $390 $950
Awning window $390 $950
Sliding window $260 $790
Single hung window $270 $850
Exterior DoorsAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Steel Doors$2500$6000
Fiberglass Doors$390$950
Sliding Doors$390$950
Patio Doors$260$790
Storm Doors$270$850

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