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It’s time to upgrade your exterior doors and Window Tech is the perfect solution! Enhance the curb appeal of your home with our wide selection of sturdy, secure entry doors.

Choose from steel or fiberglass  options to create a unique and elegant look that also maximizes energy efficiency and security.

Exterior Doors Advantages

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There are many reasons to opt for Exterior Doors

Your door is more than the entryway to your home. It should leave a lasting impression as it is both the first and last thing visitors see. Invite both quality and elegance into your home with WindowTech’s vast collection of durable and stylish exterior doors.
As one of the premier suppliers of exterior doors, it is our responsibility to assist our customers in selecting high-quality exterior doors that are energy efficient as well as durable.
At WindowTech, we offer a wide selection of doors that are designed to fit both your wishlist and your budget. Regardless if you are after sleek fiberglass entry doors or traditional steel doors, we have something for everyone when it comes to budget, style, and security needs.

Our energy-efficient enrty doors offer the traditional classic weight, durability, look and feel that most homeowners expect when renovating the outer appearance of their home. Our selection of top-notch exterior doors will tick off every item on your wishlist.
WindowTech has a reputation for producing state-of-the-art exterior doors. We take pride in our broad selection of timeless entry door designs.

Steel Doors

Here at WindowTech, we are making it our goal to debunk the myth that steel exterior doors are designed only for strength, not aesthetics. We are able to offer our clients a variety of entry-doors options due to continuous technological advancements and partnerships with well-known and established manufacturers located in the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Mississauga areas. Our steel doors provide the best security as well as attractive doors for any area of your home.

Fiberglass Doors

Even with the wide selection of entrance door options available in the Greater Toronto Area, a lot of our customer’s inquiries about the benefits of Fiberglass exterior doors versus metal or wood doors. Fiberglass doors are now able to duplicate the effect of solid oak wood when stained thanks to a new technical advance known as “Accugrain.” These high quality Fiberglass doors are also able to hold up against high impact and severe pressure.

Garden Sliding Doors

Garden and Patio Doors are both functional and aesthetic in modern homes and they are becoming increasingly popular in the GTA. These doors drastically increase the amount of air flow and natural light while allowing quick and easy access to the backyard or garden areas. They also are excellent in reducing energy costs as they are extremely energy efficient. WindowTech proudly offers our GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton & Mississauga area clients sliding doors in a variety of options that are not only energy efficient and low

WindowTech proudly offers our GTA, Kitchener/Waterloo, Hamilton & Mississauga area clients sliding doors in a variety of options that are not only energy efficient and low maintenance but are also extremely reliable and aesthetically pleasing. They are also available in all-vinyl for added protection and durability.

Garden Patio Doors

Another popular option for backyard and gardens is the classic garden patio doors, which are an extremely secure and stunning alternative to sliding patio doors. They are most often designed for one door panel and one fixed door. However, they can be customized to fit your specific needs. The biggest benefit of garden patio doors is that they can either be designed with a fiberglass or steel door component for extra durability and security. For more information on these doors, refer to the Fiberglass or Steel Insulated Door Tabs.

Storm Doors

A great addition to the main entryway, steel door is installed on the front end of the exterior door thus providing superior visibility and ventilation. A primary feature of storm doors is the additional client control thanks to an additional layer of insulation from the cold weather, thus conserving heat during the harsh winter months while also providing extra ventilation during the hot summer months.

Porch Enclosures

Porch enclosures are becoming increasingly popular in the GTA, Hamilton, Kitchener/Waterloo and Mississauga areas due to increased security and decreased energy costs. They serve as additional protection against the harsh winter weather as well as a bright and sunny porch area on summer days. Our porch and patio enclosures can be customized to your specific needs thus making them even more attractive entry-way option for our customers in the Greater Toronto Area.

Exterior Doors prices

Exterior DoorsAvg. Price MinAvg.Price Max
Steel Doors$999$3500
Fiberglass Doors$1950$4500
Sliding Doors$1690$3450
Patio Doors$2450$4200
Storm Doors$950$1400


When choosing a perfect door for your home, take into account how energy efficient and secure it is and whether it matches the style of your interior. An energy efficient door is a wise investment, as it allows you to cut down your utility bills. The wide range of style options guarantees that you will be able to find a door that suits your taste and complements the design of your home, be it a rustic or colonial style door. Last but not least, you should always opt for durable doors to ensure you and your family are safe and secure.

There are three main material types for a door, namely steel, wood and fiberglass. If you are looking for an entry door, then a steel door is your sure bet. As it is durable and sturdy, it provides safety and security to you and your loved ones. What is more, you can paint it in any color you like so that it matches the exterior of your house. If you prefer classic style doors that would add a luxurious feel to your house, then a wood door is your way to go. Keep in mind though that not only is it costly but it also needs to be maintained from time to time. A fiberglass door offers the golden mean between wood and steel doors. It is not as pricey as a wood door, yet it can be made to look very similar to it while being durable and easy to maintain. All three door types will help you to reduce the cost of utilities in your home.

Choosing hardware and locks for your door is as equally important as picking out the door itself. Security is one of the biggest concerns of the majority of homeowners who are in search of a new entry door. Door locking systems come in a wide variety of styles and types for every price point and security level. So, it is a good idea to consult a window and door company that is going to install your entry door. They will advise you on the best lock and hardware options that meet your style and safety requirements without paying an extra dollar.

Offering the same strength, security and durability as steel, fiberglass doors offer the added benefit of a wood grain finish, while providing roughly seven times greater insulation than traditional wooden doors, with environmentally friendly, HCFC-free polyurethane foam. Serving as the ultimate in protection against intruders, fiberglass doors will also not warp or bow in extreme temperature changes and are optimal for Canadian consumers.

We proudly serve Toronto and the surrounding areas – see our map of recent Windows and Doors installation. Our helpful staff will assist you with any questions regarding our high-quality windows. We look forward to working with you!