Vinyl Shutters

At WindowTech, we believe in providing our customers with a comprehensive window and door installation experience. Because of this, we work with our customers from the initial consultation to hassle free installation and add a product guarantee. But, our promise to our customers does not stop there. WindowTech experts know that once the window is installed, window covers are equally important to have as well. That is why we provide window-covering options to help complete the process.

Our current WindowTech clients in the Greater Toronto Area love our California and Plantation vinyl shutters because of their sheer quality of design and window enhancement. California shutters are perfect for spanning an entire window frame and are usually paired with a divider rail. This helps to create two distinct window portions while still allowing for a uniformed construction process. Plantation shutters add a bit of thickness with their 3.5” louver and are typically used in instances where a complete span of the window is required to add sophisticated appeal and modern look.

At WindowTech, we also know that frame options are important. As such, we offer four distinct styles and shapes. There are both Z and L shaped window frame selections. These selections are perfect for those who do not want their frames to stand out and are utilizing thinner louver options.

Vinyl Shutters Are More Than Just Beautiful

They are functional as well. At WindowTech, we know that privacy matters as does durability and ease of use. Our vinyl shutters are made from non-porous materials that are easy to clean and allow for dust and grime to be wiped off quickly. Not only that but there is no worry about residue remaining either. The outdoor temperature will not ruin these vinyl shutters either as the materials prevent moisture infiltration.

Vinyl Shutters Windowtech

Because of the sheer number of selections and design options, our louvers come in a variety of size ranges and road placements. From 2.5”, 3.5”, and 4.5” width options to rod placement in the front side, front center, or back placement, these can be incorporated into several different window designs. Further, all of our louvers can be full-rotated which allows for maximum light infiltration while still allowing for privacy and UV protection. For those who do not want a range of motion, WindowTech can offer vinyl shutters with fixed rods, too. We even have shutters for curved vinyl windows, too!

We proudly serve Toronto and the surrounding areas – see our map of recent Windows and Doors installation. Our helpful staff will assist you with any questions regarding our high quality windows. We look forward to working with you!

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