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When it comes to quality made door locks, companies such as Baldwin, Winly, Schlage, Fusion, and Weiser are among the best in premium brands. Known for their consistency and finish in their products, these names are dominating the industry with their premium options. If you are in the market for door locks, levers, grip sets, deadbolts, interior finishing options, and other options in door locks, WindowTech is there to meet your needs. Not only do we have the aforementioned premium brand selections but many more to meet your needs.

Door Locks Options

WindowTech Windows and Doors is a Toronto-based company that is meeting the needs of consumers in several ways. Not only our experts are well-versed in the aforementioned door locks options, but the customer service we provide is second to none. Questions are answered in a timely manner and we are available to provide expert guidance in all areas of customer concern. From security issues, commercial door locks to automated options and installation concerns, the experts at WindowTech are able to tailor the responses to a specific customer’s needs. Our experts can ensure the proper installation and application of each product.

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At WindowTech, we are committed to ensure the consumer quality and satisfaction. We can work with a customer to identify their needs in options for door locks and bring them to the perfect match. For some customers, classic style is important. That is why our experts can connect them with a brand that stands for the time-honored traditions of artistry and attention to detail that is found in Baldwin exterior door hardware products. For those that are looking for something with strength and style, Schlage door locks are a great option. Schlage is a brand that is synonymous with durability and security and is backed by the design and engineering expertise that only tested craftsmen can bring to a product.

Our expertise does not stop at these two brands, however. At WindowTech, we are proud to be able to provide expert advice in a range of different brands. From Winly to Emtek and more, our WindowTech professionals are amazingly successful in matching the right product with each of our clients. Further, each of the brands that we work with is highly sophisticated and quality in their product development. As such, our door locks, features, and deadbolts feature the tried and tested security that our customers love. WindowTech stock contains a wide diversity of products in door locks that are perfect for our clients’ residential, commercial, and industrial uses.

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