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Sliding Doors Toronto WindowtechPatio and garden sliding doors dramatically increase both ventilation and natural light, while allowing easy access to the outside. Our doors are extremely energy-efficient, low maintenance and can be customer designed per your request as they include a variety of colors, moulds and panel arrangements which will add a unique and charming look and feel to your Greater Toronto Area Home.


Configuration Details of Patio Doors

One of the qualities of a high-end vinyl sliding door is the degree of quality of the sashes as a weaker sash can cause deformities thus decreasing the insulation. With our metal reinforced sashes, our doors are rigid and energy efficient. Our door tracks are comprised of anodized aluminum which greatly increases their strength and durability, while a metal or nylon roller wheel provides effortless and smooth glide along the tracks.

Combination Options

Two-Panel Option: Consists of one fixed and one operational pain of which the direction can be easily reversed by one of our professional installers.

Three-Panel Option: These doors call for a larger wall; however there are endless possibilities as the operational door can either be one of the side panes or the middle pane.

Four-Panel Option: This feature works best with floor-to-ceiling windows which allows for a double-sliding door insert in the center and two outside fixed panels.

Glass and Insert Options:

Low E 180 Glass: This standard clear coating is applied to protect your home from sun damage and to prevent heat loss during the winter months.

Prairie-Style design: This one-of-a-kind V-groove is directly etched upon the glass to provide a simply gorgeous accent without visibility reduction.

Colonial Style grill: This square pattern design creates a modern look with the option of square pencil, Flat bar or Georgian grills.

Wrought-Iron designs: This style offers a bold and dramatic look to which quite often matches the exterior or garden back door, they also look great when combined with an in-glass Venetian blind insert.

Internal blinds: These are installed between the two glass planes and act as a replacement for window coverings to give you a sense of privacy without the mess.

Sliding Doors Cnfiguration Windowtech

*All of our garden sliding doors are installed with a storm sliding screen to protect against insects dirt and debris.

Performance ratings

All of our doors meet Energy Star efficiency standards as well as perform exceptionally well on the following vital aspects in accordance with AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/1.S.2/A440-08 standards:

  • Air tightness: A3:on a scale of A1-A3, A3 marks the highest rating for rate of air leakage protection.
  • Water Tightness: B4:on a scale of B1-B4, B4 marks the highest rating for a water penetration test, applied at various pressures.
  • Wind load: C3:on a scale of C1-C3, C3 marks the strongest structural performance under strong pressures.
  • Ease of operation: E3:E3 measures the amount of effort required to slide the door panel, with E3 being the lease effort.
  • Force of Entry: F20:F20 indicating above-average resistance to forced entry, with F10 being average resistance.

Being one of the best window & door solutions companies in the Greater Toronto (GTA), Mississauga, Hamilton and Kitchener/Waterloo regions, WindowTech is proud to provide additional ratings information upon request.

Internal Finish Options:

A 100% maintenance-free, all-vinyl casings package, beautifully accented with corner Rosette blocks makes a perfect finishing touch to the inside of your sliding door, adding a colonial touch to your space. For a simpler finish, pocket covers are a great way to create a smooth and beautiful outline for your sliding door unit.

Glass and Insert Options:

Selecting the right glass pane is often based on one of the following considerations: energy efficiency, design, privacy and safety, and the below outlined options are sure to satisfy many if not all of these concerns.
Decorative Glass: From etched glass to a variety of grill patterns to blind inserts, the options to decorate your garden sliding doors are vast as outlined below.

Glass and Insert Options

Prairie-Style design is a unique V-groove grill etched directly into the glass, without additional grill mountings, providing for a beautiful yet simple accent to the door panels, without a reduction in visibility.

Glass and Insert Options

Colonial Style grill design creates a more modern look with a square pattern all throughout the glass, created with a choice of a square pencil, Georgian or Flat bar grills.

Glass and Insert Options

Wrought-Iron designs create a more dramatic and bold statement which often beautifully matches with the exterior garden or backyard décor. Wrought-Iron designs are also beautifully combined with in-glass venetian blind inserts.

Glass and Insert Options

Internal blinds, which are installed between two glass panes of the door, are a great replacement for window coverings, which establish privacy but will not collect dust, are virtually maintenance free and will not lose colour over time.

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Handle, Lock & Security Options

Security is a primary concern for any door so at WindowTech we offer a wide variety of single and double lock mechanisms with both thumb-turn and key features.

  • Both kick-locks and guardian locks are outstanding security features as they compliment the handle lock hardware and security bar for additional security.
  • Carbon steel security bars prevent forced lifting the sliding doors from their trackers as they are attached to the door jamb to stop any forced movement.

As one of the premier window and door retailers in the GTA, Mississauga, Hamilton & Kitchener/Waterloo area, we will proudly provide you with any additional rating standard and product details upon your request – see our map of recent Windows and Doors installation.

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