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Veneer/Veneered  Interior Doors 

Veneer – wood, natural material, which is a thin sheet of wood thickness of 0.5 – 10 mm, which when veneering the product – is glued to the parts of the product (usually wooden or MDF).
Veneer – a thin layer of wood with a texture pattern, produced by peeling, planing (smoothing) & sawing logs.Veneer is made from natural wood of coniferous and deciduous species.

Natural Veneer has a number of advantages:

Natural Veneer - Doors Inside

Attractive appearance.  It has a huge variety of wood species, textures, colors and are identical to the tree array.

Durability. Under the conditions of use and proper maintenance, the veneered surface retains its original quality for more than 15 years.

Good heat and sound insulation. Veneered finishing materials have sound-absorbing properties and contribute to the retention of heat inside the room.

The possibility of restoration. Abrasion and shallow scratches on the veneered surface are corrected by grinding with repeated application of the varnish, which allows to prolong the service life of the product. Natural veneer is widely used in the production of building products, furniture, interior doors.

Construction of Veneered Interior Doors:

Construction of Veneer Doors

The frame of the door is a fused beam of coniferous wood. Usually pine, well dried, previously removed knots and weak points.

The basis of the door (panel) is a wood-fiber board (MDF or fiberboard). MDF (wood-fiber panel) is a pressed panel made of fine wood. Fiberboard – manufactured from crushed wood (small flour mills), by pressing under high pressure at high temperature. Usually, the door panel is made of MDF 16 mm thick.

Door covering – natural veneer, which is glued to the surface usually by cold pressing, when the veneer is glued to the surface using PVA glue.

Lacquering the door – It carries a protective function, forming on the surface of a durable coating, which does not allow the door to dry out and cause mechanical damage.  Also, varnish coating plays a decorative role, giving a noble gloss and emphasizing the texture of natural wood. Usually polyurethane varnishes are used to cover the doors.

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