Steps for Cleaning Sliding Doors Toronto

Steps for Cleaning Sliding Doors Toronto

Based on their usage and nature of purpose, sliding doors Toronto are designed with optimal beauty, ease, efficiency and convenience. They are a good addition to the home, especially when it’s about increasing comfort and peace. As part of the living space, they need same amount of attention as that of other parts and so, homeowners have to follow manufacturer’s instructions in order to ensure long lasting benefits without maintenance expenses.

Due to busy schedule, most of the people are unable to pay attention on the upkeep and problems of the sliding doors Toronto that lead to accumulation of smudges, dirt and debris. Since these doors are made up of glass, minor problems become more visible than they would be on conventional wood doors. The rail, for movement of the door, may also get dirty and affects smoothness in opening and closing the doors. When sliding doors are stuck at one place, they create the risk of injury, especially for young children.

So now, what to do then? It’s necessary to pay beforehand the problem arises. Homeowners should perform frequent cleaning in order to avoid future problems. Here is what WindowTech Canada has to say about cleaning of sliding doors Toronto.

  1. Clean the Sliding Rails of the Door

To begin with, collect the necessary items- a miniature vacuum, toothbrush, tack cloth, terrycloth towel, steel wood, screwdriver, acetone and lubricating grease.

Now, wiping the door tracks with an oily cloth and make sure there is no resistance in movement. Though, if there is any problem with sliding, it’s time for thorough cleaning that needs homeowners to pull out the door panel either by lifting them upwards or using the screwdriver to remove the lower rollers from the track. The miniature vacuum is then used to remove gravel, sand, bark, bits of bark or leaves and other debris so that there would be no item causing trouble in door movement.

If the sliding doors Toronto are made up of metals like steel or aluminum, it is recommended to wipe the surface with the tack cloth in order to resist rusting and other metal particles. Grime and grease also accumulate between the tracks and homeowners have to use a toothbrush with acetone for easy cleaning. After the tracks are cleaned, it’s time for lubrication to maintain good performance of the doors later on.

  1. Wipe off Dirt from the Glass Surface

Living in a condo or apartment building means that there is a need to use rags on the ground so that there would be no soapy runoff dripping to the neighbors. As for glass surface, these rags are used with soapy water to loosen stuck-on dirt deposits. After leaving for a few minutes, it would be quite effortless to wipe off the surface with paper towels or a clean cloth. Once it’s done, the next step is to apply a mild window washing solution with a foam sponge, microfiber cloth or any non-abrasive applicator to get a clearer and cleaned glass surface.

Note: Just keep in mind not to use any sharp tool for removing stuck-on debris. It may cause damages to the surface or leave scratches.

  1. Clear the Sliding Door Frames and Hardware

Since the sliding glass door frames and handles are extensively used, chances are high that smears and smudges accumulate throughout the time period. Homeowners have to use a damp cloth to wipe the frame while a scouring pad or rough damp cloth is to used to clean the threshold and bottom of the door frame that is usually prone to have dirt due to nearby frequent traffic.

  1. Clean-Up

When the sliding doors Toronto are cleaned properly, it’s time to dry the surface with a clean rag so that it is not wet anymore and catch more dirt later on.

After this whole process, it would be quite satisfying to see the results as clean sliding doors Toronto enhance beauty as well as the impact of door and window replacement. There would be increased amount of natural light and an inviting atmosphere for the guests to feel fresh and comfortable inside.


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