Window Glass Options

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Window Glass Options

When considering what type of glass to use for your window or door renovation, you should choose the window glass options that best fit your specific needs, including but not limited to environmental concerns, style and price.  At WindowTech, we ensure that our products meet the requirements to save our clients a great deal of money on their energy costs. Our high-quality glass panes are guaranteed to stand the test of time and meet all of the required aspects of the industry.


Laminated Glass

For those whose primary concern is safety, we recommend laminated window glass options as it consists of two thin glass panes which are bonded together by PVD to form one solid piece. If broken, the glass will not shatter into small pieces with sharp edges, but rather remain in the frame. This prevents both, damage to other objects and serious injury.

Tempered Glass

Another type of safely glass is tempered glass, which is manufactured by rapid heating and cooling to result in additional security and strength. If there is sudden impact, tempered glass will shatter into extremely small pieces to prevent sharp edges of free falling large pieces of glass. It is most often used in shower doors or entrance doors and for installation greater than one foot above floor level.

Self-cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning glass is one of the newest innovations in the glass industry. It is a coating applied to the exterior facet of the window which prevents both streaking from precipitation and dirt buildup on the glass. UV rays activate the coating thus breaking up the dirt articles so they will not stick to the surface.

This coating also forms a “screen” on the glass during rainfall, which allows water to slide off the windows rather than forming the droplets of water that cause streaking.


This option for glass windows is extremely beneficial for larger and hard-to-reach windows.

Tinted Glass

If you are looking for something to help with climate control, tinted window glass options are an excellent selection. It also provides additional privacy. Available in both bronze and gray hues, tinted glass is becoming increasingly popular in offices and homes due to rising energy costs. Tinted glass windows help keep the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer. They also are excellent in preventing glare on computer, tv screens, etc and can prevent fading of fabrics and furniture by reducing exposure to UV light. They also add a sense of style to the exterior of your office or home.

Super Spacer

Glass spacers are a feature available on high-quality glass windows that prevent condensation, air infiltration and fogging. They are used in windows with multiple panes around the perimeter of the window sash.


This will prevent condensation and will ensure that no heat escapes. This is extremely crucial in adding to energy efficiency and will ultimately prolong the life of the windows. WIndowTech is proud to carry Edgetech LG Super Spacer Technology®

Argon Gas

Argon gas-filled windows are an excellent option for both climate control and energy efficiency. This can be used in combination with Low E/Low E 2 coating (which we will discuss next). Argon gas-filled windows are available in double or tripled paned windows. As opposed to air circulation between the panes of glass, Argon gas is inserted into 90-95% of the air pocket between the panes. This results in cutting costs as it prevents both conductive and convective heat loss. Argon is a 100% transparent gas that will not compromise the visibility or security of the window. It is non-reactive, neutral and non-flammable.

Low Emissivity (Low E)/ Low E 2 Coats

Low E Coating is a great way to increase home insulation. Low E Coating is a transparent metal oxide which is applied to the exterior facet of the window. It also provides year-round climate control. Low E is recommended for those areas with harsh winters while Low E 2 is best for those with mild winters, but hot summers.

Glass Thickness

Glass Thickness varies by the amount of need for heat reflection, energy efficiency, safety and security, UV protection and noise reduction. WindowTech offers a variety of panes from 3-6mm in thickness. We also provide an option for single or double pane installations. We recommend double pane for those who are concerned soundproofing. Double paned windows can reduce noise pollution by almost 25%, in which case we recommend either 3mm or 4mm layers or thickness in this instance.

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