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Most people are mainly interested in energy efficiency and safety as well as both interior and exterior style and design when taking on a home renovation task. Window grills have become increasingly popular in recent years; this is due to their added sense of style and flair as well as their strength and durability.

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Window grills are installed between two panes of glass for easy cleaning or on the exterior to add style, according to the client’s preference. They can accent the stylish Georgian Style windows that WindowTech offers its clients in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Interior Grill Options

Pencil Grills

Pencil grills are often the choice for those who want trendy custom-design homes as they provide a more contemporary look. This is due to their color choices which include white, brass and pewter. Pencil grills come in dimensions of ¼ by ¼ so they will not comprise visibility and it also gives them an extremely sleek appearance.

Flat Grills

flat-grills-2Flat window grills are standard in new construction to bring an element of flair to the window. They come in white, sandalwood, brass and pewter so they can match both the interior and exterior of the home. Flat grills are usually ⅝” -¼” in size.

Georgian Grills

georgian-grillsGeorgian grills are a popular choice for our clients who are custom-designing homes in the Toronto area. The etched component of Georgian grill adds an element of architectural style and elegance, especially if paired with Georgian-style windows. They are available in sandalwood, white or cream and a selection of sizes. However, the most popular choice is ¼”-¾”. WindowTech is known for our stylish Georgian-style windows and grills.

Grill Styles WindowTech

SDL – Simulated Divided Lite

Interior window grills are easy to clean as they don’t get a lot of dust-build up, which makes them a popular choice. However, for those who want to draw attention to their windows, SDL grills are an extremely popular choice. SDL grills are installed directly on both the exterior and interior of the glass portion of the window, thus giving an aesthetically pleasing appearance of True Divided Lite windows but at half the cost. SDL grills come in a variety of designs and are available in white, cream sandalwood, brass and pewter. They are most often used in entrance doors and shower door windows.

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In addition to the style of the window grills, we offer a wide selection of patterned designs to enhance the overall appearance of your windows. The colonial or square pattern is the most traditional and most often used in new construction as it is simple but elegant. Bordered patterns add to the visibility of the center of the glass as it is grill free yet adding an accent to the window. Clients who want an extra element of flair often opt for the diamond pattern as it looks contemporary in style and sophisticated as well. We also offer customized grill options upon customer request to fill their specific needs.

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