Creating Extra Space with Bay and Bow Windows

Creating Extra Space with Bay and Bow Windows

Modern windows have gone through various stages to be the way they are today. That includes, casement windows, hung windows, and most notably in the category bay and bow windows. Windows play a great role in our homes. Besides letting light and fresh air in our rooms, they contribute significantly to the general appeal of the structure.

Today, if you need to increase space in your room, you don’t need to invest so much in the remodeling of your whole house. There is one cheap way out; Replace your existing windows with bay and bow windows.

  1. Bay Windows

Bay windows Markham is usually the best way to transform your house and make it look a little bit bigger than it was because you can use these windows to create a ledge. Typically, bay windows are formed by a number of windows with varying sizes put at angles to create a single unit that swells outwards.

Simply put, it is a composition of a picture window set at the middle and a single hung window that may be placed on either side. Because they create a ledge beyond the wall, they give your house an extra space for the circulation of air and also that can be used as storage space.

This extra space can be used in various ways depending on how you want to use it. You can decide to add some cushions and pillows and use it as a nap nook, or you can modify the extra space beneath by putting shelves that you use as storage for anything you want. It can be used as a study desk by adjusting the space below to get comfortable legroom.

  1. Bow Windows

On the other hand, bow windows in Markham are engineered to bulge to the outside. A single unit can be made up to a maximum of six panels. As compared with bay windows, bow window panels are much smaller so that they can create a sleek contour. However, the two window styles create the same space.

Just as bay windows, you can utilize an extra space created by bow windows as storage for picture frames, books, bags, a relaxation nook, or a study desk while you get fresh air and an unobstructed view from the window.

Bow and bay windows have advantages that surpass the windows by far. For instance, besides making your home more spacious, they make it brighter as they can brighten it more than any other style of window. However, to get the full benefits of these windows, you need to get a reputable installer who can work well with the installation.

Choosing between the two styles of windows can be challenging. Here at WindowTech Windows and Doors will guide you in selecting either of the design that will suit and complement the design of your structure.

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