Factors to Consider in the Cost to Replace Windows

Factors to Consider in the Cost to Replace Windows

Are you toying with the idea of replacing the windows in your home? Is the cost to replace windows hindering your decision to start the process? Home renovations can put a dent in your wallet, but window replacement does not have to be a deterring factor in your decision.

The following article will give you an insight into the factors that help determine window replacement cost.

How to Determine the Cost to Replace Windows

Window Design

Obviously, some window designs and styles will cost more than others. Picture windows tend to cost more than awning windows due to their size and design. In most cases, windows with more simplistic designs will cost less than windows with more elaborate ones.

You should talk with the contractor that will work with your home about the different styles of windows. Then you should compare the price with the other benefits, such as energy efficiency and home security features. If you wish to upgrade to more stylish windows, the cost to replace windows in old house might be a little higher, as you may have some features custom designed. However, the majority of today’s windows can be custom designed to match any style of home.

Window Frame Materials

Another main contributing factor to the cost to replace windows is the materials used in the window frame. In addition to wooden window frames, you can choose from aluminium, fiberglass, and vinyl window frames. Each of them has their own advantages, but vinyl windows are the most popular choice amongst Canadian homeowners. Your contractor can advise you on the benefits and drawbacks of the materials as well as their prices. Though, it is totally up to you to decide which materials meet your functional and financial requirements.

Type of Window Glass

The type of glass that you choose for your window installation will play a crucial role in the final cost formation. You can choose from single, double, or triple pane windows. Most homes are already equipped with standard single double pane windows. However, your contractor can explain the energy efficient benefits of double or triple pane windows. The addition of extra window panes may cost a bit more upfront but can save you a lot of money over time. Double and triple pane windows can help reduce your energy costs by limiting the transference of heat and cold air in your home due to the inert gas fill between the window panes. This can keep your home at a comfortable temperature no matter how hot or cold it may be outside.

Type of Coating On Window Glass

Adding Low-E (low-emissivity) or other coatings to your windows will increase the final cost of windows. However, window coatings can also boost the insulation properties of your windows, as they too help minimize the amount of hot and cold air transference. The coating may be an additional expense, but it will more than pay for itself in the amount of money you will save on your energy bills in the coming years.

Custom Features

The number of windows, as well as the size, will contribute to the final cost. If your home consists of windows that are all of the standard sizes, you can utilize mass-produced designs to save money. However, if you need to have your windows custom designed, it can contribute to the final cost. In addition, if you wish for additional features, such as window grids, enhanced locks, or decorative window glass, the final cost will be a bit higher.

Consult the experts at WindowTech Windows and Doors when you are ready for window replacement. We can help you determine the cost to replace windows and help you find the best windows for your home.