There are a variety of signals that all homeowners should be aware of, indicating that it is time to replace your existing windows or doors:

Increasing energy bills could indicate that your windows or doors are not fulfilling their role as thermal control mechanisms, either from loose frames or a lack of water/air tightness in insulation. Windows should prevent drafts and air leaks, and if either of those appear, it is time for a replacement.

Visual and aesthetic signals are often the most evident of all, including broken or cracked glass, peeling paint or frail and weakening aluminum. Rotting frames are also one of the best indicators, since a poor frame can dispel all the advantage of even the best-quality window, including superior insulation and security.

The formation of ice or frost on the windows signals condensation build-up from rapid changes in temperatures. This often occurs when low quality or weakened insulation and thermal materials allow air to infiltrate too quickly with rapid changes in temperature.

Poor operation can often signal issues with hinges or hardware, which in most cases can be eliminated with simply a hardware replacement; however, at times, poor operation can signal warping or bowing of the frame. Consult a professional installer for a recommendation for further action.

Our goal at Windowtech is to ensure that customers make a fully informed decision based on all available information and can clearly decide on the best option for them. This is why we provide a completely complimentary on-site consultation by one of our expert technicians who will be able to inform our clients of the entire installation process, financial requirements and the best suitable options for the desired projects. From a professionally experienced opinion to a variety of catalogue options and life-window presentation, our non-obligatory consultation will be sure to answer all your questions.

Windowtech believes in employing only the highest quality professional in-house installers, whose training and expertise we can guarantee as a mark of the company. Our installers will take your projects from start to finish, starting from precise measurement for custom-manufactured units, to a signed customer satisfaction report upon completion. All of our installers are fully licensed and insured with WSIB Canada. No sub-contractors are used in any project installations, to ensure reliable and long-lasting projects.

Most installation projects will take one or two days; however, for porch enclosures or very-large scale replacement windows projects, up to three days may be required. However, all of our customers can be sure of clean and non-intrusive installations with dust rugs being used at all times to protect your floors. All garbage and debris will be removed upon completion of the day’s work.

The best time to replace your windows should not depend on the season but rather on the condition of the windows, since all of our installers are professionally trained to install windows in both winter and summer conditions. Winter installation will not affect the efficiency and quality of your windows and doors, since Windowtech uses only in-house installers and can vouch for their training in even the most extreme weather conditions. However, since high winds can often impact the speed of installation, on rare occasions, your installation date may be moved to another day.

Condensation on windows and doors occurs due to the difference in temperatures on different sides of the glass, which is most prevalent during high indoor or outdoor humidity as well as extremely cold temperatures. The accumulated moisture then turns to liquid, usually in the corners of the glass, preventing light from fully infiltrating the room, and can also potentially damage the walls, window coverings or furniture surrounding the window.

Energy efficient windows help in preventing condensation build up by preventing heat loss and therefore controlling for the temperature inside the glass panes, which can dramatically decrease your heating bills by avoiding water and air penetration, and the harmful condensation effects on your home interior.

It is important to note which exact features make a window or door energy efficient, since they directly impact the energy consumption of the house, heating costs and the environmental impact. Windows are considered to be energy efficient when the frame is made of high-quality material such as 100% extruded vinyl, when the glass is made of multiple panes filled with insulation gas such as Argon, when Super Spacer technology is present, and the glass is coated with Low E or Low E 2 coating which reflects the heat. Doors are considered to be energy-efficient when the core of the door is insulated with foam, the composition material is solid, the frame is a tighter fit to the spacing, and multi layered weather stripping is used.

All of our windows are Energy Star qualified, which is why we are able to guarantee the longevity and durability of our windows with our warranty coverage. In the Canadian climate, it is essential to know that your windows will keep the heat inside the house and the cold outside, without leaks and drafts.

Vinyl is considered to be one of the best materials due to several reasons, including its energy efficiency, durability, aesthetics and low-maintenance properties. Vinyl is a superior insulator which prevents heat transfer, and by being extremely flexible, it is mouldable to create multi-chamber frames resulting in even great energy efficiency. Due to the durable make-up of extruded vinyl, the frame will not require repainting, since it does not crack, peel or chip, and maintains its colour regardless of the sun’s rays or other damaging weather elements. Easily cleaned with soap and water, it is virtually the lowest-maintenance material available for windows and doors to date.

There are numerous factors which make a high-quality glass, including the thickness, composition and coating of the glass.

Windowtech offers glass panes that range from 3-6mm in thickness depending on the need for noise reduction, UV protection and heat-reflection, energy efficiency as well as safety and security.

The composition of high-quality windows includes Super Spacer technology, which prevents fogging, condensation and exterior air infiltration. Argon gas-filled windows offer the ultimate in insulation and are often a high mark of superior quality.

Low E and Low E 2 coating also prevents in-room heat from escaping through the windows and keeps interior glass panes warmer for increased insulation.

Argon is a neutral, non-reactive, non-flammable and 100% transparent gas which will not affect the safety or visibility of the window but will increase the insulation factor of the window, since 90-95% of the air pockets between the panes are filled with Argon gas, preventing both convective and conductive heat loss, resulting in greater cost-savings.

Offering the same strength, security and durability as steel, fiberglass doors offer the added benefit of a wood grain finish, while providing roughly seven times greater insulation than traditional wooden doors, with environmentally friendly, HCFC-free polyurethane foam. Serving as the ultimate in protection against intruders, fiberglass doors will also not warp or bow in extreme temperature changes and are optimal for Canadian consumers.

At Windowtech, we are confident in both our products and installers’ work, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on our windows and installation of all our products.

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