Understanding the Difference Between Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Understanding the Difference Between Single Hung And Double Hung Windows

Many homeowners are not knowledgeable about the difference between single hung and double-hung windows. However, this is an important thing to understand if planning to do any window replacement for your home. This is because these are modern and the most preferred windows for many homeowners.

You need to know what makes, for instance, double-hung window styles so unique from single-hung windows. Here, we guide you in understanding the difference between single-hung and double-hung windows.

  1. Opening and Closing the Sashes

Single-hung windows consist of only one sash that can be moved either forward and backward or up and down. Though there is another sash, it is fixed and unmovable. Simply put, it is the bottom sash that is operable, and the top sash is permanently fixed.

On the other hand, double-hung windows have sashes that are operable. It just resembles the single-hung windows; the difference is noticed only when the sashes open. The best thing about double-hung windows is that both bottom sashes can be closed and slightly lower the upper sash. Most people love this feature because it enhances privacy.

  1. Ventilation Options

This is one significant difference between single hung and double-hung windows. Single-hung doesn’t offer much ventilation as compared to double-hung windows. This is because it can only be opened in one sash as compared to the latter where the two sashes are operable. When the two sashes are opened, they let in a fresh breeze into the room.

  1. Cleaning and General Maintenance

Cleaning single-hung windows are somehow tiresome. It involves using a ladder which consumes more of your effort. If you opt for double-hung windows, it becomes easier to clean the inside and outside glass without having to go outside the room. This is practically true if your double-hung window tilts inwards. For the people with stories, buildings find the latter option of the window a great asset.

The same applies to slider styles. Cleaning the glass in single slider windows is hard. But if the two sashes can move, then it becomes easier to clean while still inside the room.

  1. Initial and Installation Cost

This goes without saying that the double-hung option of windows is costlier regarding initial purchase cost. The installation cost difference between single hung and double-hung windows is small, although some installers offer flat rates.

Nevertheless, all the costs associated with buying and installation of double-hung windows are gradually offset by the benefits that come with these designs of windows such as versatility and energy efficiency benefits.

If you have worked out your plan to replace your windows, call us here at WindowTech Windows and Doors, and we will help you in your selection.

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