Types of Vinyl Window Installation

cross-sectionThe proper selection of windows, even those done to the specific requirements of the clients, is not a guarantee for a successful home renovation task.  Reliable and safe vinyl window installation is the best way to ensure safety and satisfaction. Energy efficiency and other special features alone will not work if the windows are not properly installed due to poor installation or improve measurements. This could lead to increased costs after the installation process.

At WindowTech, we work with our clients from beginning to end, to ensure they select the proper windows for their specific needs. We complete our vinyl window installation in a highly professional manner using only WSIB-certified installers, rather than an unknown contractor. We also make sure to complete installation in a timely manner. Our cross section sets us apart from our competitors in Hamilton, Kitchener, Waterloo, Mississauga and surrounding areas.

We always provide our Toronto area customers with an initial consultation and recommend the best installation type for their specific needs. However, we feel it is important for clients to know all of the options that are available. These include stud-to-stud, brick-to-brick or retrofit installations. This will give them a better estimate of the cost and time required for their project to be completed.

Stud-To-Stud Installation

As you will see below, Stud-To-Stud installation is very similar to the Brick-to-Brick method. However the cost is lower due to the fact that there is no brick moulding required on the home exterior. The interior casing, complete window frame and existing brick mould are first removed, which will expose the studs that lie behind the wall. These will be replaced windows by wood or vinyl interior door jamb extensions.

Post-foam insulation is then applied which will prevent water particles from infiltrating. The casing trim will be installed on the outside. In stud-to-stud installation, the gap between the exterior facades of the house is covered with an aluminum capping. This capping is available in different colors to match the home’s exterior, to provide an architectural flair and design. The main advantage of the type of installation is that it fits the any size windows into the original opening,

Brick-To-Brick Installation

stud-to-stud-installationThis is by far the most expensive type of installation, as it involves complete removal of the full glass pane, sashes, frame, jambs and casings. It will leave a large opening in the walls of the home. It is used on brick facade house, hence the name. Brick to Brick installation is usually done on brand new construction as well as home renovations involving extremely old windows which have fallen into disrepair due to age and harsh weather conditions. This type of installations is also done for a total exterior and interior home or office renovations. Due to the increase rise home renovation projects in the Toronto, Hamilton, Kitchener/Water and Mississauga areas, brick-to-brick installation has become increasingly popular in the past few years.

The next step is to assemble the brand new window into the opening with either vinyl or wood interior jamb extensions that will cover the insulated area in between the window frame and wall, which of course depends on the customer’s specifications. In brick-to-brick installations, a decorative brick mould which is factory attached to the exterior window frame. This mould is caulked to the building’s exterior to make the area between the frame and the wall appears unnoticeable. It is designed of 100% virgin vinyl. This also provides for additional insulation. Vinyl brick moulding also the finish of the interior to appear smooth and is the number one option for both style and functionality as well.

Retrofit Installation

The third and final type of installation is Retrofit Installation. This is the most common type of window installation in the Toronto, Hamilton, Mississauga and Kitchener/Waterloo and surrounding market areas as it is the least intrusive and most cost effective of the three types of vinyl window installation.

In RetroFit Installation, the existing jambs, brick mould, casing and entire window frame are left in place. The only items that are being replaced are the glass panes and window sashes. The selected type of window is then installed into the existing window frame. Caulking is applied to properly seal the new window place into place. Then aluminum capping is applied on the windows entries between the exterior of the home and the frame as this provides additional protection from the elements and harsh weather conditions. This type of installation is best for projects in which the casings, brick moulding and window frame are still in great form. Retrofit installation is also a good

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