Window Types and Other Factors That Determine the Cost of Windows

Window Types and Other Factors That Determine the Cost of Windows

From window types to style to installation costs, there are key details one must factor into their budget for home renovations. There are so many components that determine how much it costs to get new windows.

In the following article, we will outline the things that determine window replacement cost.

Window Types, Installation, and Other Factors That Affect Window Cost

Window Types

As there are quite a few types of windows, the cost will vary by the type and style of windows. Double-hung windows are the most popular and tend to be the least expensive. However, if you prefer the ease of operation and energy efficiency, awning, hopper, or casement windows might be your best bet. Although, they may cost a bit more. Picture windows, architectural style windows, bay, and bow windows may be more costly. But this also depends on their size and if you choose to have them custom designed.

Type of Window Glass

Single-pane windows are obviously less expensive than double or triple-pane windows.  However, more panes equate better energy efficiency. Windows with double or triple panes can be filled with some inert gas between the panes that reduces the amount of window condensation. As well, they help maintain a steady indoor temperature. They keep the cold air during the winter and heat and humidity during the hot summer months from entering your home. You’ll definitely notice a decrease in your heating and cooling costs. Therefore, double and triple-pane windows are well worth the initial investment.

Type of Window Frame

Window frames can affect the way your room looks. Wooden frames are the most popular choice when it comes to style. However, wooden frames require a lot of maintenance as they tend to warp and rot easily due to the weather. Metal and aluminum frames are typically the least expensive. While they are durable, they are not very energy efficient. Fiberglass windows are a great source of insulation as are vinyl windows, but they are a little more costly. Vinyl windows are the most energy-efficient and are available in a lot of options.

Type of Window Installation

Full frame installation is when the entire unit, both glass, and frame, are replaced. It can be more costly as it involves removing the old frame and replacing the mold, jamb, and window trim. However, in the long run, it is more cost-effective as newer windows and frames will last for many years.

Retrofit installation involves replacing the windowpane only and is less expensive. However, this type of installation can only be used when the existing frames, jambs, and trim are still in good working condition.

Other factors such as the number of windows will play into the final window cost. Obviously, the more windows you have installed, the higher the cost. As well, custom features such as extra locks, decorative glass, custom size and shape, and window grids can raise the overall cost.

If you have any questions about how window types, frames, or glass options will affect the cost of your new windows, call WindowTech Windows and Doors. We can provide you with an estimate and help you choose the best windows for your needs.