Asking “Can You Paint Vinyl Windows?” as a Homeowner

can you paint vinyl windows

A lot of people wonder, “Can you paint vinyl windows?It is a common question because people do not want to get stuck with the same outdated windows when they upgrade their outdoor of home with a new paint job. It is completely possible to paint vinyl windows, but that does not mean you should always paint over vinyl windows. The choice is yours, but some people do not like how vinyl windows look when painted. This is something to consider before you take the plunge and paint your vinyl windows. Most window contractors will tell you to avoid painting vinyl windows, but painting contractors will tell you that it is acceptable. It can be confusing to figure out who to listen to. When it comes down to it, the ultimate decision is up to you because it is your home. 

Pros and Cons of Painting Vinyl Windows

Instead of wondering, “Can you paint vinyl windows? you should focus on the pros and cons of replacement windows. Getting all new windows can eliminate the question of whether or not you are able to paint over vinyl windows. Getting new windows will take the worry out of your hands. The biggest con of painting vinyl windows is that paint does not always stick to vinyl very well. Since the paint does not connect well with vinyl, the finished project’s appearance can be affected. This is a serious factor to consider before you start the painting process. Paint tends to flake off easily when it is on a vinyl surface. If you choose a dark paint color, you will ultimately be drawing more heat into your home because dark colors bring in solar heat. This will put an additional amount of heat in your vinyl windows, which could cause them to warp, especially if they are older. The biggest perk of painting vinyl windows is that it is an easy and cheap way to update the outside of your home. Painting the exterior of your home has the potential to help increase the value and curb appeal of your home, which is a perk many homeowners love. 

Check for a Warranty

While you should ask, “Can you paint vinyl windows?” you should also be sure to check to see if your vinyl windows have a warranty. Painting your windows that have a warranty could ruin the warranty completely. You might want to check with your manufacturer because some colors may not damage your warranty. People also ask, “Can you paint vinyl windows inside?” Before you do so, you should research properly. Be sure to consider all of the pros and cons of painting vinyl windows before you start the project. Check with your window manufacturer to see if painting the inside of your vinyl windows will damage your warranty. 

Tips for Painting Vinyl Windows

Pick a paint that is easy to remove so that you can remove it if you do not like the final results. Check out light colors that look good on your home’s exterior. If you decide to paint your vinyl windows, you should be sure to avoid using dark colors. You should also try to avoid getting the paint on the exterior of your home in places you do not want it. Take your time to ensure that you do not have a messy final project. Do not paint your windows shut by putting paint on all of the seals at the same time. You could end up causing your window to be shut too hard to open. Contact Window Tech Windows and Doors to learn more information.

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