Basic Egress Casement Window Facts and Information

Basic Egress Casement Window Facts and Information

The windows of your home do a lot for you. They provide you with light to see and can improve the value and curb appeal of your home. Windows have multiple functions that people do not even think about, such as keeping you safe and warm during the winter and cool during the summer. Some windows, like egress windows, can even provide safety benefits. An egress casement window needs to be operable from the inside, especially if there are bars on the window. If there are bars, people need to be able to get out without requiring any special tools, knowledge, and equipment.

Keeping Your Windows up to Code to Avoid Fines

An egress casement window usually will have side hinges that make it an easy exit during a fire emergency. Egress windows are required for basement bedrooms and are required to be a certain size. If you do not follow the building codes when remodeling your basement into a bedroom, you can expect to face several expensive fines. It is best to hire a contractor to convert your basement windows into egress windows because they can ensure that the size is perfect. Transforming basement windows into bedroom egress windows can require concrete cutting, which is best done by a professional. A casement window could end up saving your life.

Saving Money on Heating and Cooling Bills with Quality Egress Windows

An egress casement window with side hinges usually does not take up a lot of space but can still be used as an exit during a fire. Most models feature a crank that is located at the bottom of the window, which is used to open and close the window quickly. The locking mechanism that these windows feature makes them an ideal option because they provide extra safety from break-ins. These types of windows are also very energy efficient and ultimately could end up saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

Transforming a Basement Window into a Bedroom Window

Some egress windows come with special features, like a special operator arm that allows users to open the window a bit wider than normal. You should always make sure that the windows you pick, whether they have special features or not, are compliant with local building codes. There are other options for windows rather than cutting into your basement wall. You will have to speak to the contractor of your choice to learn about the various window options available to you when it comes to basement bedroom windows.

The Benefits of an Egress Basement Bedroom Window

A casement window needs to be a certain height off the ground. A casement window must also be a certain width and length. These regulations help firefighters and emergency personnel with plenty of room for rescue and to fit their equipment through. There are a lot of benefits associated with having an egress basement bedroom window. You will be able to leave your home in a hurry if there is an emergency. Many people have fire alarms in their homes as a safety measure. Having an egress window in your basement bedroom is also a way to promote fire safety.

The Importance of Following Local Building Codes

All in all, the importance of following building codes in your local area cannot be stressed enough. You want to be safe from fire and provide emergency personnel an entryway into your home in case someone needs to be rescued. Contact WindowTech Windows and Doors to learn more detailed information about egress windows and how they can benefit you. You can also learn more information about local building codes.

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