Homeowners Guide to Soundproof Windows

Homeowners Guide to Soundproof Windows

If you live in an urban area or a busy street, you most likely prefer a quiet environment. Soundproof windows can help reduce noise pollution, thus making your home more peaceful. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to spend a lot of money to soundproof your home.

Below are some tips on how to soundproof your windows and doors Mississauga that will not cost you an arm and a leg. Follow these simple steps to reduce the level of noise pollution in your home.

How to Get Soundproof Windows

Apply Caulking or Window Foam

One of the best ways to get soundproof windows in Canada for your home is to apply caulking around any crevices or cracks in your doors, walls, and windows. It is best to use acoustical caulking, as it is more flexible and designed to last for a longer period.

Acoustic window foam, or “window plug,” is another way to soundproof your windows. Attaching these mats to your windows can greatly reduce noise pollution. However, it tends to reduce the amount of sunlight too. One advantage of window foam is that it can be removed and reattached fairly easily.

Of these two methods, caulking tends to be the most effective, as window foam is not as aesthetically pleasing and can reduce visibility and light exposure.

Install Storm Windows

Installing exterior storm windows is another way to promote noise reduction in your home. The additional layer of glass will greatly reduce outside noises as well as provide an additional layer of insulation, which is especially beneficial in the winter.

The level of thickness in the storm windows will determine how soundproof they will be. Obviously, the thicker the glass, the more soundproof the window. It is best to have storm windows installed by a professional to ensure that they are truly soundproof.

Add Noise-Reducing Window Treatments

Another way to soundproof windows is to purchase window treatments, such as noise-reducing curtains, shutters, or blinds. These options can be a bit more costly, so many homeowners tend to overlook this option.

Thermal, or noise-canceling, curtains are extremely effective in noise reduction. However, in addition to being expensive, they tend to accumulate mold and mildew due to the fact that cold air gets trapped between the back of the curtain and the interior window. This can cause your windows to rot as well as lead to health issues from mold growth and higher energy costs.

Noise-reducing blinds or shutters, while still being a bit pricey, are a more feasible option than noise-canceling curtains. They are designed with honeycomb shells to trap air and reduce noise pollution. Moreover, shutters and blinds made from timber are more porous than other materials and are ideal for reducing noise pollution.

Upgrade to Laminated Glass

Another solution for soundproof windows is laminated glass. An additional pane of laminated glass can be placed into your current windows for added soundproofing abilities. Keep in mind though that most laminated glass options come with fixed windows, so you will no longer be able to open your windows for ventilation.

Install Double or Triple Pane Windows

One of the best options for soundproof windows is to install double or triple-pane windows. Double-pane windows offer 5-10% more noise reduction than single-pane windows. The noise reduction level increases from fifteen to twenty percent with triple-pane windows. Also, both triple and double-pane windows offer superior insulation and energy efficiency if you are looking to save money on monthly energy costs in addition to noise reduction.

WindowTech Windows and Doors can help you if you have any further questions regarding how to soundproof windows. Call us today to view our extensive line of soundproof and energy-efficient windows.

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