How to Choose the Best Basement Windows for Your Finished Basement

How to Choose the Best Basement Windows for Your Finished Basement

If you are looking to convert your basement into an additional living space, it is a good idea to invest in energy-efficient and sturdy basement windows. Windows in the basement will provide both natural light and ventilation to your basement. However, not all windows are ideal to be used in the basement.

The following article will help you decide what style of window replacement is best for your basement.

Why You Need Basement Windows

As most basements tend to be dark and dreary, basement windows Canada can provide ample natural light to brighten up your partially or fully above-ground basement area. In addition, they can be opened for airflow. This allows you to save money on your quality costs, as you will not have to rely on electricity to light the room or your air conditioner or fan to circulate air.

For added energy efficiency, you can opt for double or triple-pane basement windows, which can be filled with inert gases for maximum insulation. This will help keep the cold air at bay during the cold winter months.

Most Common Basement Windows Types

Awning Style Basement Windows

Awning windows are ideal for basement windows, as they are perfect for hard-to-reach areas. As they hinge at the top and open outward from the bottom, they are easy to operate and maintain.

Awning-style windows are extremely energy efficient and an ideal source of ventilation. Due to their hinged design, they can allow for maximum airflow while protecting your basement from sleet, hail, wind, and snow. They can be installed in both partially or completely above-ground basement areas.

Double Hung Basement Windows

Despite the fact that they are the most common type of windows in Canadian homes, double-hung windows are not typically installed in basements. However, they are still a good choice for those basements that are fully above ground, as they provide an ideal amount of venation and are highly energy efficient. They are also able to be custom designed in a large range of grid options, colors, sizes, and finishes to really spruce up the look and feel of your basement area rooms.

Hopper Basement Windows

Hopper windows are the most popular choice for basement windows. They are similar to awning windows, but they open at the bottom, as they are hinged at the top. With their pull-down level, they provide both ease of operation and added security. If so desired, you can opt for a second pull-down level for enhanced security. Hopper windows are ideal for both partially or fully above-ground basement areas.

Picture Windows for Your Basement

If natural light is your top priority in basement windows, picture windows are the best choice. Keep in mind that they are fixed, so unlike the other styles of basement windows mentioned in this article, they will not open and close. They are not ideal for those who want ventilation for the basement. Picture windows are a great way to make any room of your home look larger and brighter.

Sliding Basement Windows

For those looking for a sleek and modern-style basement window, sliding windows are the way to go. As they open via a sliding track, they are easy to operate and allow for ample airflow. They can be placed in both styles of basements.

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