How To Determine If You Need Window Repair Or Replacement

How To Determine If You Need Window Repair Or Replacement

As you start considering what items you wish to include in your home renovation projects, you need to determine whether you need window repair or total window replacement. The condition of your windows can affect many areas of your home. From energy efficiency to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature to home security issues, the quality of your windows is a major factor in deciding how you want to proceed with your home improvement endeavors.

Before making a final decision on whether you need to replace or repair your windows, you need to assess the situation. Ask yourself questions such as “which windows do I have?” and “Are my windows energy efficient?”

Following Are Some Of The Things You Need To Look For To Determine If You Need To Do Window Repair Or Replace Your Windows And Frames

How Old Are Your Windows?

If they are older than ten to fifteen years, you may need to replace them. Do they have cracks? Is the window frame warped or rotted? Do you notice drafts from leakage?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need Markham window replacement as opposed to window repair. Older windows, especially wooden windows, can warp or rot, which can cause drafts and air leaks. This can not only make your home uncomfortable, but it can also raise your energy costs. If there is cold air coming into your home your heater will have to work twice as hard to keep your home warm. As well, if there is humidity entering your home, your air conditioning will have to work at maximum capacity to cool down your home. This could put quite a dent in your monthly energy bills.

If you notice major damage, you might need to replace both the window and the frame. Energy-efficient vinyl windows can reduce your energy bills by up to forty percent and are designed to last for many years.

Are Your Windows Single Pane? 

In older homes especially, standard window sizes usually consisted of one pane. Double and triple-paned windows are not only more secure, but they also have higher insulation properties as they can be filled with inert gases to prevent condensation from forming on your windows.

Is The Hardware Functioning Properly?

If any of the hardware on your windows, including the locking mechanism, is not functioning properly, you might need to replace the hardware. Newer windows can be equipped with a multipoint locking mechanism which can give you peace of mind as your home will have even more protection from home invasions.

As well, you need to ensure that your windows are opening and closing properly as this is a safety concern. You can replace the hardware or you may need total window replacement if repairs are not feasible. After you have examined the condition of your windows, if you are still not sure whether you need window repair or replacement, call your local windows company. They will come out to your home to inspect your windows and provide you with a free consultation and estimate. They will work with you to find the best fit for your home.

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