Which Are More Energy Efficient: Single, Double or Triple Pane Windows?

Which Are More Energy Efficient: Single, Double or Triple Pane Windows

Homeowners are often confused when it comes to shopping for replacement windows as to which are the better choice: single, double, or triple-pane windows? While both are more energy-efficient than single-pane windows, there seems to be some debate whether it is worth it to pay a little more for windows with triple panes.

The following article will compare triple and double pane windows to see if there really is a difference. Then you can determine if the triple pane windows price is worth the cost when it comes to energy efficiency and practicality.

Are Triple Pane Windows the Best Choice?

What are Triple Pane Windows?

For those who are still unfamiliar with window terminology, the primary difference between double and triple glazed windows in Canada is that windows with triple pens have an extra pane (or glaze as the two terms are interchangeable). This extra pane will help prevent heat loss by preventing cold air from entering your home. As well, it also helps reduce radiation from ultraviolet light.

An often overlooked benefit of triple pane windows is that they also offer additional features that offer energy efficiency and added insulation.

Double and Triple Pane Windows Are More Durable

It might seem like common sense, but three panes are obviously better than one. Single pane windows were the norm for many years, but triple pane windows are becoming increasingly popular as they offer added home security and safety. They are highly durable as they are stronger than their double or single-pane counterparts. They can be equipped with laminated glass and enhanced locking mechanisms for added home security. With triple pane windows, you can rest assured that your home is safe against home invasions.

Double and Triple Pane Windows Can Be Filled With Inert Gases for Added Insulation

One of the best features of triple and double pane windows is that they can be filled with inert gases between the glass panes. The addition of argon or krypton gas helps reduce the transference of heat and cold between the panes of glass in the windows. This feature will help you maintain a steady and comfortable indoor temperature in your home all year round. As well, double and triple-pane windows prevent condensation, ice, and frost from forming your windows.

Double and Triple Pane Windows Will Lower Your Energy Costs

Both double and triple pane windows will drastically lower your heating and cooling costs. Due to the superior insulation properties of inert gases and additional window panes, your home will be comfortable no matter what the temperature happens to be outside. This means you will not have to crank up the heat during the winter or blast your air conditioner during the summer. You may notice up to a forty percent reduction in your energy costs.

Double and Triple Pane Windows Are Available in a Wide Array of Styles

Despite what you might think, both triple and double pane windows are available in lots of styles, finishes, and colors. Almost every style of the window on the Canadian window market can be custom designed to match the look and feel of your home. With stylish window grids and decorative glass designs, your home will be aesthetically pleasing as well as ultra energy efficient.

WindowTech Windows and Doors offers a wide array of stylish and energy-efficient vinyl windows. If you are still torn between single, double, or triple pane windows, feel free to call us for a free in-home consultation. A member of our team can help you determine which style of window will best suit your home and your needs. Call us today to get started!

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