How to Know When to Replace Windows in Your Home

How to Know When to Replace Windows in Your Home

Chances are if you are not the original owner of your current home, you probably have no idea how old your windows are. So how do you know when to replace windows to improve the overall quality of your home?

Replacement windows can improve the overall look of your home while lowering energy costs. Continue reading to find out how to tell if it is time to replace your windows.

How to Tell When to Replace Windows in Your Home

Are The Windows In Your Home in Good Working Condition?

One of the best ways to know when to replace windows in the house is if your existing windows are no longer functioning properly. Are they difficult to open and close? Are the locks no longer working? You should not have to strain yourself to open or close your windows. Also, you need to ensure that your windows lock securely to protect your home from break-ins. 

Is There Condensation On Your Windows?

If you are noticing increased amounts of condensation on your windows, it is time for window replacement. This could be a sign that the window is no longer energy-efficient. Opt for double- or triple-pane windows that have been filled with inert gases between the panes. This will prevent condensation as well as keep your home comfortable all through the year no matter what the weather condition is.

Are Your Window Frames Starting to Rotate?

The window frames on your home will start to decay as they age due to exposure to the elements. This can cause such issues as mold and mildew, which can damage both the exterior of your home as well as the structure. If your window frames are exhibiting signs of decay, it is time to replace both the window glass and the frame.

Are You Noticing More Outdoor Noises?

While most people enjoy the gentle sounds of nature, they do not appreciate the noise from traffic or loud neighbors. Older windows tend to be designed without sound insulation, which can be a nuisance for many homeowners. Today’s windows are designed to reduce noise pollution. 

Do You Currently Have Single-Pane Windows?

Older homes are most often equipped with single-pane windows. One of the disadvantages of windows with single panes is that they are lacking in soundproofing as well as insulation and energy efficiency. Double- and triple-pane windows can reduce noise pollution, protect your home from air drafts, and lower your energy costs. In addition, they can add value to your home and help to reduce your carbon footprint.

Are You Experiencing Air Drafts?

If you are noticing that your home is a bit chillier or draftier than usual, it could be time to replace your windows. Older windows with air leaks will cause your heating system to work harder, which can drive up your energy costs. 

Have Your Energy Costs Gone Up?

Speaking of energy costs, such factors as air leaks and condensation can contribute to higher energy costs. Replacement vinyl windows can lower your monthly energy costs by as much as forty percent.

Are You Thinking of Selling Your Home?

If you are considering putting your home on the market in the near future, it is wise to invest in replacement windows. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home with newer windows that are energy-efficient and durable. Not only will new windows drive up the market value of your home, but they can improve the curb appeal as well. Modern windows can be custom designed to match the look and feel of your home with such features as decorative glass and window grids.

If you need more advice on when to replace windows, consult the experts at WindowTech Windows and Doors. We can come to your home to evaluate your existing windows and help you decide what style of windows will best fit your home. Call us today for a free quote for energy-efficient vinyl windows!

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