Living Room Windows: What Design Works Best For Your Home?

Living Room Windows: What Design Works Best For Your Home

Your living room is most likely to be the main gathering area in your home. It is the room in which you relax after dinner, host game nights or movie nights, and welcome guests into your home. Therefore, you want your living room windows to offer a warm and welcoming vibe, in addition to providing fresh air and sunlight.

Continue reading to find out what styles of vinyl windows Toronto is best suited for living rooms. Vinyl replacement windows are a stylish, sturdy, and energy-efficient way to make your living room the focal point of your home.

Favored Styles of Living Room Windows in the GTA

Double Hung Windows

Those who wish to stick with traditional-style windows may want to go with double-hung windows. This style of windows has stood the test of time and is still very popular today. Double-hung windows are operable and can open from either the top or the bottom sash to fill your living room with fresh air and sunlight alike.

Casement Windows

While you might only consider this style of window for your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, casement windows are actually a viable option for your living room space. These operable windows can be paired with fixed windows, such as picture windows, to provide ventilation. Casement windows are extremely energy efficient and offer an ideal solution for those who wish to hang window treatments on their living room windows.

Bow Windows

This is an elegant window style that combines a panel of four or five window units, usually a mix of picture and casement windows. They are a magnificent source of natural light if you are looking to open up your living room and bring the outdoors in with an unencumbered view.

Bay Windows

This exquisite window design consists of three windows: primarily, a middle window, which is fixed, and flanked by two double-hung or casement style windows. They are perfect if you wish to install a window seat for a cozy reading nook. As you will have to expand this structure outward from your home, it does involve somewhat of an expanse. However, due to their popularity, bay windows can do a lot to boost your resale value.

Architectural Windows

If you are looking for innovative living room window ideas, architectural windows could really put a creative spin on the atmosphere of your living room. As they can be tailor-made in many shapes and sizes, from diamonds and hexagons to semi-circles, they can add quite a bit of style with their distinctive flair. In addition, you can have them customized with stained or tinted window glass and pair them with other windows to really make your living room aesthetically pleasing.

Picture Windows

Are you blessed with a gorgeous outside view that you wish to make a focal point of your living room? Picture living room windows are inoperable, so they are best paired with another window, such as a casement window if the airflow is needed. However, the picturesque view of your outdoor space will fill the area with sunlight and can make your living room appear much larger than it actually is.

End-Vent Windows

Do you prefer a more modern window design? End vent windows are composed of tilt and slide windows with a larger middle unit, as well as a fixed window unit. They are perfect for large spaces to add a stylish and contemporary vibe.

Most of the above living room windows can be custom designed in many hues, styles, and sizes to meet your needs. Moreover, they can be equipped with decorative window units, such as tinted, tempered, stained-glass, or sophisticated window grids to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your living room.

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