Give Your Home a Face-Lift: How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Give Your Home a Face-Lift: How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Do your exterior doors need a touch-up? Would you rather refinish your fiberglass entry door than replace it? Do you already know how to refinish fiberglass doors or are you looking for some pointers? 

Follow this helpful guide from the experts on how to spruce up fiberglass doors in order to improve your curb appeal. This step-by-step process will ensure that your doors are stylish and functional. 

How to Refinish Fiberglass Doors

Tip: Always work in an area that is well-ventilated when refinishing fiberglass entry doors, such as an open shed or outdoors. Also, wear protective goggles and a breathing mask to protect your lungs and eyes.

Step 1: Remove The Door From the Hinges

You cannot refinish a fiberglass door without first removing it from the hinges and placing it on a flat surface.

Step 2: Remove Any Components/Accessories From the Door

Strip off any doorbells, knockers, knobs, decorations, and so forth from the door and put them in a safe place. Use plastic or newspaper to tape off the glass to keep it from breaking or scratching.

Step 3: Strip The Surface Of The Door

Remove any paint or stain from the door using a paint thinner and a steel brush or copper wool sponge. Wear protective gear, including work gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask. Check with your door manufacturer to see what chemicals are safe to use on your fiberglass door.

Step 4: Sand The Door

First, use coarse macro grit sandpaper to remove larger stains or paint areas. Next, level out the surface with medium-fine grit sandpaper. Finally, to make sure the door is perfectly smooth, use sandpaper with a very fine micro grit. Make sure that there are no uneven areas or remaining paint or stain, as this will prevent the new finish from properly adhering to the surface. Finally, remove any debris with a clean damp cloth

Step 5: Paint Or Stain The Door

Most fiberglass doors have a wood-grain finish, so the stain is a nice complement. However, you can also use an oil-based primer followed in 24 hours by an oil-based paint. Both oil-based and latex enamel exterior grade paints are known to be weatherproof. Two coats of paint should be sufficient.

If you prefer a traditional finish, check with the door manufacturer to see what type of lacquer or stain is the right fit. Cover the surface of the door with the lacquer or stain, wiping off any excess before it dries, as it can clump very quickly. Allow 24 hours to dry and then add a 2nd coat for the best result. A third coat may be added after additional 24 hours if needed.

Step 6: Refinish The Door Frame

The frame should be refinished as well. However, you want to leave it intact. Repeat the same process by stripping, sanding, and staining or painting the door frame. Tape up any glass to avoid damage. 

Step 7: Apply Lacquer

This step is only needed if you use stain as opposed to painting. Apply 2 to 3 coats of lacquer. It is best to use spar lacquer, as it can withstand the elements. 

Step 8: Reattach The Door

Carefully reattach the door once both the door and the frame are completely dry. Carefully reattach any components and accessories and properly secure the door onto the hinges. 

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