Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Doors and Windows

Spring Cleaning Tips: How to Clean Doors and Windows

Are you getting ready to do your annual spring cleaning? Or your seasonal cleaning? Windows and exterior doors require a good cleaning every so often, but do you know how to clean your doors and windows to help keep them in good condition?

We have provided some helpful tips on the best way to clean your windows and doors. This should help keep them in tip-top shape so they will last for many years.

How to Clean Windows and Doors: Tips for Homeowners

  • Do not put off cleaning your windows and doors. The longer you wait, the harder they will be to clean. Besides, dirt and other debris can attract bugs. In addition, mold can begin to grow on the surface, which is harmful to your health.
  • It is best to clean your doors and windows on a cloudy day as opposed to a bright and sunny day. Sunlight will cause them to dry too quickly and it often makes the cleaning solution evaporate before you are finished cleaning. This will leave behind an annoying residue that can cause streaks.
  • Vacuum the surface beforehand to remove any bugs, spiders, and cobwebs. You can also use a dry rag if you do not have a hand-held vacuum or the proper attachments for your standard vacuum cleaner. 
  • The best cleaning solution for windows and doors is a combination of white vinegar, liquid dish detergent, and water. This will ensure a streak-free cleaning and is safer for both your home and the environment. 
  • Another option for cleaning your doors and windows is to add a few drops of ammonia to warm water. However, this smell tends to bother a lot of people, so make sure that the area is well-ventilated. You can even add a few drops of vinegar to the solution to remove stubborn spots and stains.
  • Do not use too much soap, as this can leave behind a lot of residue. A small amount of liquid dish soap goes a long way.  
  • It is best to clean only one small section of the door or window at a time to prevent streaking. 
  • You can use steel wool to remove stubborn mineral stains and water spots. 
  • If you want to get a good lather to get rid of hard to remove dirt and grime, you can use a woolly strip applicator to apply your chosen cleaning product.
  • Do not use paper towels to clean or dry your doors and windows, as they tend to streak and leave behind lint remnants. It is best to dry your doors with a chamois or microfiber cloth. Believe it or not, the best way to prevent streaks on your glass surfaces is to dry them with newspaper. Another option is to use a squeegee holding it at a 45-degree angle starting at the top and working your way to the bottom. Use a reverse S pattern for best results and be sure to wipe the blade of your squeegee before it gets too wet.
  • Do not attempt to clean windows that are too high to reach. In this event, it is best to hire a professional cleaning company, as they possess the right tools and know-how to safely clean your windows. 

Any further questions on how to clean doors and windows can be directed to WindowTech Windows and Doors. Our staff can answer all of them. Also, we can help you determine if it’s time for window or door replacement. Call us today for a free quote!

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