Not Vinyl Shutters? Go for Window Blinds or Shades

Not Vinyl Shutters? Go for Window Blinds or Shades

Just like windows and doors, blinds are also available in a wide variety of styles, designs, and patterns, meaning that homeowners can always have something according to their requirements. The question is how people would be able to control brightness and light in the bedrooms or other areas. Although most people are aware of window shades and blinds, they are still not sure about what distinguishes the two. Obviously, it would be quite difficult to make a decision, experts suggest gathering as much knowledge as possible in order to come up with the right choice. So, let’s discuss things that create a difference between the two:

Materials for Windows Blinds

One of the most significant differences between window shades and blinds is the material that is used for construction. Normally, manufacturers use hard materials for blinds like plastic, wood, or composite material that are made into separate slats. The parts are connected and controlled through a chord system that is either installed horizontal or vertical. On the contrary, the shades are made with soft materials, especially fabrics. They have individual slats that fit windows snugly.

Light Control

The best thing about window blinds is that they are responsible for controlling light inside the rooms. By adjusting the angle of slats for appropriate brightness, homeowners would be able to live a comfortable life. It does not matter if the blinds are horizontal or vertical, they can do the respective task efficiently. Whereas shades work on a different basis – they either allow light to pass through the windows or block its entry into the home.  The amount of light passing through the shades depends upon their material and associated benefits. Even sometimes, people also go for vinyl shutters in order to increase the efficiency and performance of their homes.


Another important reason behind selecting blinds or shades is ensuring curb appeal which needs a lot of consideration and analysis. Even though both components work differently, they are still beneficial for the home. Blinds are responsible for providing more variability and giving a different look while shades give softness to the area. Also, blinds are needed to restrict light which is usually difficult with shades. Last but not least, the choice also varies with style preferences.

With the above information, the difference between window shades and blinds could be better understood. Each component has its own features and attributes that give uniqueness and beauty to the home. However, if someone wants to know more, it is recommended to contact WindowTech and ask for their assistance.

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