Why Casement Style Egress Windows Are A Good Fit For Bedroom and Basement Windows

Why Casement Style Egress Windows Are A Good Fit For Bedroom and Basement Windows

Egress windows are not only a requirement for Canadian homeowners, they provide a safe and easy escape in the unfortunate event of an emergency. These windows have many benefits and one of them is that most casement windows meet the standards required by The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC). As such, they are ideal for egress windows in both basements and bedrooms, as well as other living spaces.

In the following blog, we shall discuss the advantages of installing casement windows to fulfill the egress window requirement. You might need to enlarge the window well to meet the standards so you should factor this into the window replacement cost.

Why Casement Windows are the Best Choice for Egress Windows

According to the most recent regulations put forth by The National Building Code of Canada (NBCC), these windows are required in every room bedroom, guestroom, or as well as any living space such as a living room or den which is used as a room for sleeping at night. In addition, basement windows are also required to be egress-style windows.

Standard casement windows are beneficial vinyl windows as the hinge is usually in the middle of the window and at a 90-degree angle. Therefore, this makes them perfect if there is a need for an emergency exit. However, the sash can get in the way as it ends up in an upright position slightly off the center of the casement window, which thus prevents them from meeting the egress window codes.

However, egress style casement windows are designed with an egress hinge that when the sash sits on one side of the window frame when it is in the open position. They operate the same as casement windows in every other aspect. However, there are also standard casement windows that satisfy the requirements for egress windows with the sash open as they have an unobstructed surface area. Make sure to pay attention to these details, as well as egress window size, when shopping for casement windows that are to serve as egress windows in your home.

Egress Windows Technology

Keep in mind that while designed in the same technology as casement windows, awning windows are not ideal for egress-style windows s the crank interferes with the birth for a safe and easy exit in emergency situations. By their overall design, awning windows are impossible to be designed as an egress window.

No matter what style of bedroom or basement windows you purchase for your home, you need to make sure that they are in compliance with the fire codes set forth by the NBCC. Additionally, if you need to enlarge the window well in your basement for egress basement windows, you need to may need to apply for a building permanent so check with your local municipality as well before starting the process.

If you have questions regarding pricing or installation for these windows, do not hesitate to contact WindowTech Windows and Doors. We will be able to answer all of your questions as we have a trained and professional staff, plus we are aware of the current fire codes as well. Egress windows can save your life in the event of an emergency so having the correct egress-style windows installed could literally be a matter of life or death.

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