Steps to Clean Sliding Doors Toronto

Steps to Clean Sliding Doors Toronto

Based on their design and construction, sliding doors are perfect for efficiency, beauty, and convenience. They are literally an incredible addition to the home that is solely dependent upon appropriate selection and quality services. However, the thing to keep in mind is that window replacement is not the only considerable thing to take care of; instead, it’s necessary to focus on their maintenance and upkeep as well.

As a matter of fact, inefficient and poorly maintained sliding doors in Toronto are the reason for unattractive and bothersome properties. Grime, dirt, and smudges may be visible on the glass surface and look more unpleasant than conventional wood components. The rails may get dirty and affect smooth movement while sliding doors may stick and the risk of injury would be high, especially for kids and pets. So, how to make sure that the doors are working properly? What are the requisites to take into account? Let’s find out:

Start With Cleaning the Sliding Door Rails

After serving for a long time, sliding garden door tracks usually need cleaning with an oily cloth that can work to restore smooth operation. When there is resistance to movement, homeowners are suggested to remove the panels and do the following steps:

  • Normally, door panels can be removed in two ways- hold the door panel and lift it upward to pull it out of the body, or use a screwdriver to take out lower rollers by pulling the panel in the outside direction
  • To remove gravel, bark, sand, bits of leaves, and other debris from the track, use the miniature vacuum
  • If the sliding doors are made up of materials that are susceptible to rusting, homeowners should pay special attention to the rusting signs to make sure that the door does not stick. Ideally, use the steel wool to remove rust and wipe the glass surface with a damp cloth to get rid of metal particles
  • After cleaning the tracks thoroughly, lubricate the door tracks along with wheels and rollers

Cleaning the Glass Surface

Living in a condo or apartment building means that there are rags on the floor to avoid soapy water from dripping down the building and causing trouble to the neighbors. To avoid this hassle, homeowners just have to do consider the following things:

  • Wet the glass surface with a clean rag and soapy water to loosen stuck-on dirt on either side
  • Leave for a few minutes and wipe off with paper towels or a clean cloth. Always remember to move from bottom to top
  • Apply a mild cleaning solution with the help of a foam sponge, microfiber cloth, or any non-abrasive applicator
  • Never use a scraping tool on the stuck-on debris, just repeat the process every time whenever needed

Cleaning the Door Hardware and Frame

Since door handles and frames are required to work extensively, they are prone to having smears and smudges as well. Experts suggest taking care of this fact and following these steps in order to avoid such problems:

  • Wipe the door frames and edges of sliding doors with a damp cloth.
  • Take a scouring pad or rough damp cloth to clean the frame’s bottom as well as a threshold that may have ingrained dirt because of frequent traffic.
  • Wipe off the dust from the top of the frame with a dry cloth.
  • Use warm soapy water and a damp cloth to clean door handles and other difficult-to-reach spots.

Clean Up

Once everything is cleaned, take a clean rag and dry the glass surfaces to avoid leaving water spots.

Remember that a clean sliding door can bring a huge difference in overall aesthetics and appearance. Homeowners just have to make timely decisions and find out how they should be executing the cleaning plans.

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