The Benefits of a Single Hung Window

The Benefits of a Single Hung Window

Single Hung Windows

The single-hung window is a simple and effective upgrade to your home. There are also double-hung windows in which both sash. The reason some people prefer a single hung window is due to the ease of operation. Some people prefer fewer moving parts with the philosophy that it reduces the chances of a malfunction. In single-hung windows, only one of the sashes moves up and down or left and right. The other sash remains stationary. The moving sash also tilts inward for easy cleaning.

Double Hung Windows

Now that you know there is a choice between single and double-hung windows it is important to know the difference between single and double-hung windows. As explained earlier the single hung window has only one moving sash. As the title implies, the double-hung window has two moving sashes, both of which move and tilt in for easy cleaning. It is possible to have an assortment of single and double-hung windows in various locations of your home. The double-hung window does allow for more ventilation to your home since both sashes move.

The double-hung windows are as you would guess more expensive. The single hung windows are, however, more affordable and often the more popular choice. New windows not only provide better insulation in your home but also provide better sound resistance. If you live in a noisy environment this feature is highly preferred.

Which Should You Choose?

The single hung windows have only one sash that moves and this is sometimes a preferred option. In some instances, you will not want the option of a second sash that moves, and, in this case, the single hung option is a perfect choice. All modern windows are now designed and manufactured with the highest quality materials, one of the most notable of the feature upgrades is the energy efficiency improvements. This feature applies to the single hung window as well as the double-hung window.

There are also other options for windows besides the single and double-hung options. There are bow and bay windows, as well as, casement and awning windows. As you can see, there are literally windows for any need you may have. There are also options in the sliding assembly of the windows whether they be single or double-hung windows. The windows can either slide horizontally, from side to side or vertically, up and down.

Modern windows are designed with chambers that improve their functionality. They have chambers that provide insulation from the outside elements to keep the harsh weather out of your home. These chambers also provide a better ability to soundproof your home. The structural integrity of the modern design is unmatched. This feature improves the overall structural integrity of the home due to during replacement the area around the windows are inspected for flaws and defects. Any issues that are found are corrected and the new, stronger windows are put into place. Window replacement is a wonderful way to improve your home both aesthetically and functionally. WindowTech Windows And Doors would like to assist you in this endeavor into improving your home.

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