How to Shop For Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

How to Shop For Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

When it comes time to install replacement windows in your Mississauga area home, you need to make sure that they are energy efficient. For this reason, it pays to take the time to investigate the different styles of windows to see which best suits your home and your needs.

Before installing windows replacement as part of your home improvement projects, you need to make sure that they meet the necessary performance levels when it comes to energy efficiency. However, this does not always mean just the style of window. With today’s technology, this also means that additional features can help reduce your energy costs by improving the insulation properties which can then lower your heating and cooling costs.

Following we will provide you with helpful information about replacement windows to help you make your selection. The requirements for window replacements are outlined on the
Natural Resources Canada website, as well as a guide to which companies have the most energy-efficient windows and doors.

Energy Ratings For Replacement Windows in Canada

ER, or Energy Rating is the raging that is assigned to a window unit based on its performance levels under heating conditions during the colder months of the year. These take into account the balance between solar heat gain through the windows and doors as well as the heat loss through air leakage and thermal transmittance.

ER ratings are ranked zero to fifty. More energy-efficient windows have higher ratings. As well the windows SHGC and U-Value are taken into account for the ER performance ratings.

SHGC. Or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient is a fraction of how much UV heat is allowed to penetrate through the window glass and enter your home. These numbers range from zero to one. The higher the score, the more heat your windows gain from UV rays. This rating also has a direct impact on the energy rating. The higher the SHGC rating, the more energy-efficient window is. However, with today’s vinyl windows, higher SHGC ratings could actually cause your room to be too hot, especially if these windows are installed in rooms that face west or east. This is also true if the room has a large window-to-wall ratio.

How much heat a window unit uses is measured by the U-Value. As modern windows are designed from a wide variety of materials and the materials all have different R-values, the U-value is now used to judge heat loss for the window unit as a whole. Less heat is lost through the entire window unit with a lower U-Value. Quality windows should have a U-value of one or slightly lower than one.

You should take these factors into consideration when shopping for replacement windows in Mississauga. Energy-efficient vinyl windows can lower your energy costs by as much as forty percent a month which adds up to a great deal of savings over time.

If you have any questions cornering ER ratings for your replacement windows, do not hesitate to ask a professional at your local windows company. They will be able to answer any questions you may have and give you expert advice as to which windows are the most energy-efficient.

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