Privacy Windows: Which Are Best for Your Mississauga Home?

Privacy Windows: Which Are Best for Your Mississauga Home?

Are you looking for options for privacy windows as part of your window replacement project? Privacy windows are ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, or any room in which you wish to have more privacy and seclusion from onlookers outside your home. 

Some choose to cover their windows Mississauga with blinds, shutters, or curtains. However, there are plenty of options for privacy glass windows that work just as well or even better than window treatments. Keep reading to find out more about the different types of privacy glass for windows.

Types of Privacy Windows

Reflective Window Film

This type of privacy window is ideal for those who wish to have privacy only for the daytime. The one-film is designed with an external reflective film that prevents anyone from seeing inside your windows. However, it does not prevent you from looking out. Another advantage of one-way reflective window film is that it also provides UV protection and aids in glare reduction. 

Film Covered Privacy Windows

This is an option for those who do not wish to replace their windows or pay extra for privacy glass for window replacement. Standard windows can be tinted with a film covering after they have been installed. They are even available in decorative designs. And the latest line of privacy glass window film is that it adds extra protection from UV damage. 

Frosted Window Film

This type of window film is designed to give windows a sandblasted or acid-etched glazing effect. It is ideal for those who want two-way windows without losing natural light. They will add a contemporary and stylish vibe to the room. It is sturdy in design, so it is perfect for high traffic areas and is made to last for many years. 

Solid Colored Privacy Windows

Many windows companies in Mississauga and the surrounding areas now carry privacy windows in solid colors. However, as they are only available for certain types of window glass, you should speak with a representative at your local windows company to discuss the options. Keep in mind that solid-colored privacy glass will block both the view and the sunlight, so you will want to install these in an area in which you can rely on artificial lighting.

Smart Glass Windows

Smart glass windows are an innovative option for those who want optimal privacy for their windows. Operated by a remote control that changes how the window lets in light, smart glass windows will reconfigure themselves to prevent people from seeing inside the room. They can even be made to custom fit most styles of window frames.

Louvred Privacy Windows

Louvered windows are designed to be automatically opened with a motor and are most commonly installed on film-tinted or frosted windows. The louvers will point outward when the window is open to allow for fresh air while still preventing outsiders from looking in. However, they are not soundproof, so they may need to be installed with a cover in those areas that are prone to loud outside noises.

Glass Block Privacy Windows

Glass block windows provide the most privacy, as they are designed with thicker glass and can be made with varying levels of transparency and in many different colors. Some homeowners prefer the glass brick design for ultimate privacy, as it does not require window frames. Glass brick and glass privacy block windows are non-operational, so they are not ideal for those rooms that require airflow.

Does one of these options for privacy windows appeal to you? Call WindowTech Windows and Doors to speak with one of our team members about the different options for privacy glass. We can even meet with you in your home to assess and choose the best type of privacy window glass for your home.

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