Tips on How to Install Vinyl Siding Around Windows

Tips on How to Install Vinyl Siding Around Windows

If you do not know how to install vinyl siding around windows, you should not let the project scare you. While it is always best to hire a professional to handle all home improvement and repair jobs, this is an easy project that you can do yourself. Choosing to handle the project yourself can help you save money, but you need to ensure that your installation job is watertight to prevent leaks in the future. A zip tool is a special tool required when working with siding made out of vinyl. You should remember that this type of siding is meant to hang loosely to expand and contract as the temperature fluctuates. You should be sure to leave at least a quarter-inch gap at the ends when installing vinyl siding. 

Steps to Installing Vinyl Siding Around Windows

When you are working with vinyl windows, you should consider the following tips, steps, and techniques to achieve the best results: 

  • Inspect the flashing and ensure that the flashing overlaps the nailing hem on the bottom of the window. Check to be sure the side flashing overlaps the bottom flashing by at least a few inches. The building paper at the top of the window should overlap two inches also. 
  • Snip the J molding so that it is approximately two inches longer than the overall width of the window you are working on. You need to cut a notch that is one inch in the ends of the J molding. You can use a utility knife to do this. 
  • Install the snipped J molding along the bottom of the window. Roofing nails should be hammered every eight inches. Continue cutting J molding for the remaining sides of the window and continue the process of nailing them. 
  • Place the siding where you want it, and mark it a quarter inch from the edge. 
  • Measure from the locking tab to the J channel. Be sure to subtract a one-quarter inch from your measurements. 
  • Notch the siding out along the marks you already made. You must make accurate measurements when completing this project. 
  • Lock the J molding and notch siding into place. Be sure that it fits the J molding completely, or you could face big trouble in terms of leaks. Put the under-sill trim on the inside of the J channel. Put the top side with a notch into the trim and nail the siding that is notched in loosely. You do not have to nail it all the way to proceed. 
  • Continue the process until you have finished the window. 

Tools You Will Need For the Job

When learning about a new window installation, you must ensure that you have the proper tools. Learning how to install vinyl siding around old windows can be a challenge. However, you cannot figure out how to install vinyl siding around old windows if you do not have the right tools. 

You will need a utility knife and a measuring tape to complete this job. You will also need one-inch roofing nails in addition to under sill trim. Other items that will come in handy include safety gear, a hammer, and a straight edge. Learning how to install vinyl siding around windows can provide you with a long list of benefits to take advantage of. Working with vinyl can be easy if you know what you are doing. Contact Window Tech Windows and Doors to learn more details.

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