Are Patio Doors Canada Better Than Garden Doors?

Are Patio Doors Canada Better Than Garden Doors

When it comes time to install new entry doors, it is advisable to also upgrade your garden or patio doors. A stylish patio or garden door can provide access to your backyard or garden space. However, there is some debate whether garden or patio doors in Canada are the best choice.

Both garden and patio doors have their pros and cons. It all boils down to which is the better choice for you. One of the main factors that you need to take into consideration is the amount of space with which you have to work. You would need to ascertain if a garden door or standard patio door size will best fit your needs. Following we shall highlight the main differences between garden doors and sliding doors.

Pros of Garden Doors

  • Garden doors offer more style options than french or sliding patio doors. As well, they can be custom designed per your request.
  • If you are going for a refined and one-of-a-kind appearance for added aesthetic and curb appeal, garden doors are the preferred choice.
  • Looking for an old-fashioned, rustic vibe? Garden doors can help you achieve this aesthetic.
  • For those who need to move large objects, double garden doors are a viable option.
  • Pet owners will be able to install a pet door on garden doors.
  • Garden doors are the better choice for those who prefer privacy to sunlight and a broader outdoor view as they contain less glass.

The main disadvantage of garden doors is that they do not provide the same level of energy efficiency as patio doors. They are designed from a blend of steel and wood while sliding doors are most often made from vinyl. Thus garden doors do not retain heat as well as patio-style doors. Patio doors can be equipped with triple panes for added energy efficiency while garden doors do not have this option.

Pros of Patio Doors Canada

Patio Doors Canada Are Sturdy and Secure

One of the primary advantages of sliding patio doors is that they provide enhanced home security. It is true that older patio doors were more susceptible to break-ins than garden doors. However, today patio doors are designed with sturdy glass and can be equipped with additional security features such as a multi-point locking system, kick-in locks, and security bars. You can rest assured that your home is safe from home intrusions with a highly durable patio door.

Patio Doors Provide Optimal Natural Light

Those who are a fan of natural lighting will prefer patio doors Canada over garden doors. Patio doors are known for providing an outstanding amount of sunlight as well as a great view of your lovely outdoor space. If you want to showcase your patio, deck, garden, or other backyard space, patio doors are the better choice.

Patio Doors are Ideal for Maximizing Space

Patio doors are perfect if you need to maximize space in both your home and outdoor space. Garden doors open outward and thus take up ample space on your patio, deck, or garden, while patio doors simply slide back into their tracking mechanism.

Patio doors are ideal for entertaining due to the fact that they are easy to operate. As well, they are a great way to open space for events such as parties, BBQ’s or other such events. If you enjoy an open floor concept when it comes to entertainment, they are the preferred option.

Patio Doors Offer Greater Energy Efficiency

As they are highly energy-efficient, most Toronto area homeowners tend to prefer patio doors over garden doors. As they basically serve as a combination picture window/entry door, vinyl patio doors can be equipped with either double or triple panes for added energy efficiency.

For even more insulation they can be equipped with inert gases between the panes as well as Low-E (Low Emissivity) coatings. This can help keep the cold air at bay in the winter and heat and humidity from entering your home during the summer. As well, it can help keep frost and condensation from forming on your patio doors.

With patio doors, you have the option of screen doors if you choose to leave your doors open during the warmer months for ventilation. Screen doors will prevent bugs and insects from entering your home while allowing for a fresh breeze.

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