Top Reasons from the Experts as to Why You Should Consider Windows Replacement

Why You Should Consider Windows Replacement

A lot of people are unfamiliar with the term “replacement windows” so the concept remains a mystery. In the following article, we will dispel the myths about windows replacement and explain how they can benefit your Toronto area home, save you money and give you peace of mind.

What Are They?

Windows replacement is not 100% new windows. You simply replace the old or damaged parts of your shabby windows with new parts. The size and shape of the windows will not change as the new parts are simply installed into the existing windows. Brand new windows, as opposed to windows replacements, are installed into a 100% empty opening, requiring new construction and a new base in some cases.

Signs That You Need Replacement Windows

Following are some of the most obvious warning signs that you might be in need of windows replacement in your GTA home.

Higher Energy Bills

According to windows experts, if your energy bills are increasing and you have good insulation, the windows are the most frequent contributor to higher energy bills in the GTA.


Older windows are frequently draft-prone, which you can obviously feel by the chill in the air. However, new window vinyl windows will not cause this issue. Once you feel a draft, it is time for windows replacement.

Cold Window Glass

Older single-pane windows are colder during the winter so your heating system is constantly trying to keep them warm thus causing you to lose money. However, new double-pane windows can keep the glass from getting cold so you can enjoy comfort in your home during the harsh winter months.

Problems with Operation

If your windows are hard to open and close it is time to consider windows replacement. This could be very dangerous as it compromises the security of your home. Modern vinyl windows can ease your mind and your wallet as there will be no issues with their operation.

 Impossibility of Painting and Repair

It’s normal to keep repairing our homes as much as we can until it becomes impossible to do so. If you are at a point where repairs and even repainting no longer solve the issues, consider replacement windows. Once you noticed your sashes are swollen from humidity or the mechanism is no longer operational, it is time to replace them. And vinyl windows require little to no maintenance and once seasonal cleaning.

Extra Money

According to Toronto contractors, if you have budgeted your finances and you have some extra you would like to use toward home improvement, consider windows replacement as it is one of the best repairs you can make as it will reduce your energy costs and increase your comfort and safety. In the long term, you can get up to 80% of this investment back when it comes time to resell your home.

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