Most Popular Styles of Window Shutters in Canada

Most Popular Styles of Window Shutters in Canada

Window shutters are not only trendy this year, but they are also a great way to add some style and flair to any room of your home. But how do you choose which style of shutters will best suit your windows and the look of your home?

In the following article, we will outline some different styles of shutters, including vinyl shutters to brighten up your home.

Style Tips for Window Shutters

  • Vinyl shutters Canada are ideal for such rooms as bathrooms and kitchens, as they are easy to clean. Moreover, they will last for many years, as they are resistant to warping from the excessive amount of humidity in these rooms.
  • To spruce up, your shutters, use decorative hardware and hinges to replace the existing ones to give your shutters a unique finish.
  • It is best to install shutters on all of your windows to add to the traditional appeal of your home as well as to give it a cohesive look.
  • To create a clean look, combine partial shutters with full-length shutters with arched tops.
  • If you want window shutters that reflect natural light, opt for neutral shades with a glass sheen.
  • Larger louvers on your window shutters will allow for more natural light to enter the room. When they are opened halfway, they will protect your privacy while still allowing in a decent amount of light. In addition, when they are closed, they provide total privacy and make the room darker.

Popular Styles of Window Shutters

Arched Top Window Shutters
If you have windows with tall arches in your bedroom, living room, or office, plantation-style shutters are ideal. However, they will need arched top shutters to pull the look together. You can look for shutters with 2 ½ to 4 ½ inch wide individual louvers. The size you need will depend on the size and style of windows in your home.

Bathroom Window Shutters

Bathroom shutters often function as an aesthetic element for your bathroom. They are often designed of horizontal lines that consist of individual louvers, which makes them appealing to the beholder.

Cafe Style Window Shutters

This style of window shutters is among the top choices for such rooms as kitchens. They cover half of the window, which allows for both natural light and privacy from neighbors and passersby.

Clerestory Window Shutters

Clerestory windows are those windows that are located way above eye level. These window shutters should have a traditional look to match the style of the window.

Door Shutters

If any of the doors on your Canadian home are equipped with some sort of glass panels, door shutters are an attractive addition as well as functionality. On a bathroom door, for example, when closed, they can indicate that the bathroom is occupied. Also, they can provide added privacy to entry doors.

Modern Window Shutters

To give your home a contemporary vibe, you can replace the louvers on your window shutters with tree branches. This gives it a classic look with a modern twist. Moreover, you can replace the shutter louvers with such items as painted dowels, accentuated fabrics, or colored glass panels to give it a unique and stunning flair.

Painted Window Shutters

Shutters that are painted in neutral colors or even black can pose as a virtual wall in any room of your home. In addition, these shades best complement any home interior.

Paneled Window Shutters

Folded window shutters come equipped with solid panels instead of the operable louvers, which come standard on most window shutters. When they are opened, these panels will fold back on their own.

Transom Window Shutters

The majority of exterior doors, as well as some interior doors, come equipped with transom windows, or smaller windows, on top. These can be quite tricky to cover. However, custom-designed window shutters are the perfect solution for transom windows. Every louver on this shutter style must be manipulated individually to open or close. If you keep them in the middle position, they block light and do not require to be readjusted.

Wall of Window Shutters

Wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling shutters can create the appearance of a slatted wall no matter what windows size you have.

Need some help finding the right window shutters for your home? Contact the experts at WindowTech Windows and Doors. We can help you determine the best style of shutters for every window or door in your home.

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