What You Need to Know about Replacing Windows in an Old House

What You Need to Know about Replacing Windows in an Old House

Are you one of the many lucky Canadian homeowners who have fallen in love with and purchased an old home? While they do have their charm and appeal, older homes require a bit of upkeep to maintain their old-fashioned flare. This includes replacing windows, doors, and siding when needed. Here are some tips for replacing windows in an old home.

Most historic homes tend to be several decades old, so window replacement is crucial to maintain the historic facade. Continue reading for some important details on how to choose the best replacement windows for your older home. 

Tips for Replacing Windows in an Old House

Sadly, unlike the newer construction homes of today, homes that were built in the “good old days” were made to last. This means that the existing windows on your home may still be in decent working condition. In this case, you might only need to enlist the help of a professional windows company in Markham to repair or replace some of the original parts on your windows. This could help deter some of the cost of replacement windows in an old house.

However, some older windows might not have been properly maintained. In this event, replacing windows in an old house might be the best course of action. If the windows have fallen into disrepair, they could cause home safety issues. This includes leaving your home more susceptible to break-ins, air drafts, and even structural damage if not remedied in a timely manner.

How to Tell If You Need to Replace Windows in a Historic Home

Here are some of the telltale signs that it may be time to replace those old windows:

  • Are your existing windows in compliance with egress codes?

Recent changes to the National Building Code of Canada guidelines require that every home must be equipped with at least one egress window in every bedroom as well as the basement. These windows serve as an emergency exit in the unfortunate event of a house fire or other such event. Windows in older homes may need to be replaced or updated to be in compliance with these standards.

  • Do your current windows match the aesthetics of your home?

Chances are that you have at least made some minor renovations to your home over the years. In some cases, your windows may no longer match the exterior of your home. In this event, modern replacement windows might create a more cohesive overall look for your home, which then drives up the market value. 

  • Are there signs of structural damage?

Even the soundest older windows will start to warp and rot over time. This can lead to condensation and moisture penetrating the window frame and the surrounding walls. This can wreak havoc with the structural integrity of your historic home, leading to significant costs if not resolved.

It is always wise to have your home inspected to see if there is any damage to the internal structure. A windows professional can examine your windows to determine if they need full-frame or partial window replacement. 

Things to Keep in Mind When Replacing Windows in an Old House

  • Should you decide that it is time to replace your windows, make sure that you hire a licensed and certified windows installer. This will ensure that your new windows are both energy-efficient and historically accurate.
  • Check with your local municipality to see if there are any ordinances regarding making changes to historic properties. A reputable windows company will have experience in working with older homes, so they will be familiar with these ordinances. 

If you have any further concerns about replacing windows in an old house, contact the WindowTech Windows and Doors staff. We can meet with you to assess the state of your current windows and advise you as to which course of action will best fit your home. Call us today for a free quote!

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