All About the Different Types of Vinyl Shutters: Here is the Guide

All About the Different Types of Vinyl Shutters: Here is the Guide

Shutters have been one of the widely used and important components that have got popularity over the last couple of years. Initially, they were installed on the inner side of windows and were considered to provide maximum protection from pests and other elements. However with the passage of time, they found a way on the exterior and now, they have become a significant option for the outside view to not only work for security but also for appearance.

With their use and rising demand, shutters are now available in myriads of styles, finishes, and sizes. Homeowners have the freedom to install the components either on the interior or exterior of the homes, meaning that things have become quite simple and would work according to the property’s overall aesthetic requirements. Let’s have some basic knowledge about interior and exterior shutters:

Exterior Shutters

These types of components are normally available in two styles:

  1. Fixed Shutters: They are permanently attached to the outer side of the home and therefore, work as a decorative piece to enhance curb appeal with incredible architectural accents and colors.
  2. Operable Shutters: Vinyl shutters and the like can work as operable ones that close over the windows’ glass. They keep intruders out, offer prevention against storms and reflect sunlight from entering the home.

The next considerable thing is material that involves the following options:

  • Wood Shutters: A widely used material that is available in a wide variety of patterns and styles. The drawback is that they need frequent maintenance to serve in the long run.
  • Composite Shutters: They have proved to be a significant alternative to wood shutters. They can be customized as per homeowners’ requirements and are virtually maintenance-free.
  • Vinyl Shutters: They are the cost-effective version of shutters. Vinyl shutters are lighter in weight, offer ease of installation, and are commonly available on the internet and at home centers.
  • Storm Shutters: Some homeowners are concerned about the effects of tornadoes and hurricanes due to which, they always ask for a strong and sturdy option. Storm windows should be a good investment as it protects the glass from blowing debris and high windows.

Shutter Hardware

For enhanced looks, WindowTech suggests installing extra hardware that can ensure satisfactory performance. The options have come a long way and now, they are available in the following varieties:

  • Ring Pulls: Allow shutters to close from inside
  • Shitter Dogs: Keep shutters open and attached
  • Side bolts: Responsible to lock shutters when closed

Interior Shutters

When it comes to interior vinyl shutters, they are available as either paneled or louvered. Wooden plantation blinds or shutters are normally provided with louvers that work as window treatments to control privacy and light. The components can be stained or painted in the way homeowners want. The best part is that they do not need regular maintenance, enhance resale value, and possess incredible reflecting and insulation properties for controlling cooling and heating costs.

Salvaged Shutters

Some homeowners have found a clever way to reuse old shutters that are present at salvage yards. They create room dividers or screens with several shutters and install small hinges to ensure proper folding and free standing.

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