Crank Windows: Are Casement Windows the Best Choice for New Windows?

Crank Windows: Are Casement Windows the Best Choice for New Windows?

When the time for window replacement comes, you might be torn between crank windows, such as awning and casement windows, and hung and slider windows. Each style has its benefits. However, which one is the best choice for your specific needs as well as the aesthetics of your home?

Windows replacement is a major decision, as it can affect the market value, safety, and energy efficiency of your home. Read the following article to find out if crank-style windows are the best option for your home improvement project.

What Are Casement Crank Windows?

Are our casement windows a good choice for replacement windows? What are casement windows? 

Casement windows, or crank windows, open at the side via a hinge. Awning windows, which are also crank-style windows, open at the top rather than the side. 

Both of these crank windows are manufactured with a compression seal system that makes them extremely airtight. This will prevent drafts from entering your home, which can help regulate the year-round indoor temperature of your home. In addition, casement windows can remain open in inclement weather thanks to their hinge. Rain, bugs, and insects are prevented from entering your home due to the superior design of crank-style windows. 

Keep reading to find out more about these and other advantages of casement windows. 

Further Benefits of Casement Crank Windows

Enhanced Security for Your Home

As safety is always a top concern for homeowners, you can benefit from knowing that casement windows offer enhanced protection against home invasions. They come equipped with a hook-shaped latch embedded into the window frame. This means that they are unable to be opened from outside the home. For even more security, you can upgrade to windows with double or triple panes and multi-point locks.

Superior Energy Efficiency

The main benefit of crank windows, both awning and casement, are that they far outshine other window designs when it comes to saving money on energy costs. The built-in compression seal makes them rise above double-hung and slinging windows, which only have weather stripping to prevent air leaks. The compression seal allows them to fit snugly into the window frame to prevent cold drafts from entering the home. 

If you want to amp up the energy efficiency of your casement windows, you can upgrade to double and triple-pane windows. The additional panes can be filled with inert gases to prevent condensation from forming on your windows. Moreover, you can ask for Low-E (low emissivity) coatings on your crank windows, which is an extra layer of protection against cold air in the winter. With these added enhancements, you can almost cut your heating and cooling costs in half. 

Outstanding Ventilation

As stated previously, crank windows are the best source of natural airflow. As they open outward using a hinge and crank, they allow fresh air to enter your home without you having to worry about dirt, debris, and pesky flies entering your home. In addition, the design allows you to leave your windows open during a rain or snowstorm without the added worry of outside elements coming inside your home. 

A major advantage of casement windows is that they can be paired with fixed windows, such as picture windows and bow or bay windows. Since the fixed windows are inoperable, casement windows can be added alongside or in the middle to provide an excellent source of fresh air in any room of your home.

As with any other window design, casement crank windows can be custom-made with such options as artistic window grids and decorative glass, including stained glass, tinted glass, and frosted glass selections. Speak with your local windows rep about the many ways you can custom design your casement windows to add to your home’s curb appeal.

With the added home security, aesthetic appeal, and maximum energy-efficient benefits of casement windows, you can drive up the market value of your home. Do not forget about the added bonus of saving hundreds of dollars a year on your energy bills!

If you think crank windows might be ideal for window replacement, give us a call at WindowTech Windows and Doors. We can walk you through the process and help you choose the best window design for your home. Call us straight away to set up a time for a free consult in the privacy of your home.

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