How Retrofit Windows Can Save Money on Window Installation

How Retrofit Windows Can Save Money on Window Installation

Any home improvement process is going to put a damper on your budget. However, new windows do not necessarily have to be a factor. Did you know that you can save a great deal of money by installing retrofit windows as opposed to completely replacing the window unit and the window frame?

In the following article, we shall explain the primary differences between retrofit window installation and full-frame window installation. This will help you determine the amount of money and time you need to invest in window replacement. 

Full Frame vs. Retrofit Windows:

Which Is Better for Your Budget and Your Home? 

Retrofit Windows

When you hear the term retro you probably think of “throwback” or “old school.” In reference to retrofit window installation, replacement window glass is simply fitted into your existing window frame. The frame itself will remain intact while the glass and other components are removed and replaced. If you wish to install them yourself, your local windows company can offer you advice on how to install retrofit windows.

In this process, the window jambs, casing, brick mold, and other components that make up the window frame will remain intact. You will only be replacing the window glass itself. This is the most affordable solution of the two types of window installation.

Retrofit style window installation is the only option, however, if your existing window frame is still in good working condition. You can opt for this method if you wish to keep your current window frames and upgrade to sturdier and more energy-efficient windows.

Full Frame Window Replacement

Often referred to as brick-to-brick installation, a full-frame replacement for windows is indeed the more expensive of the two options for window installation. However, it is a better choice for homeowners in older homes in which the window frames are starting to decay.

With this method, the full window unit is replaced in its entirety. This includes the window casing, molds, frame, and jamb as well as the window glass. This process is most favored in that during the process, the installer will be able to tell if there are any structural or other repairs needed to the area around your window frames. 

Another advantage of full-frame replacement is that new window unit are designed to be more structurally sound and energy-efficient. For example, high-quality vinyl windows can help lower your energy costs by a noticeable amount. 

Keep in mind that full-frame window installing can raise the cost of replacement windows by as much as twenty percent. However, the difference in your energy bills will be more than the initial cost. Also, any upgrades, such as additional locks, window grills, double or triple-pane windows, and decorative window glass choices, can also increase the final cost of your windows. 

When the time to replace your windows comes, you should consult your local windows company or your contractor. They will be able to advise you as to which option is best for your home improvement plans. If your energy costs have recently skyrocketed or you notice that your existing window frames are starting to warp, rot, or rust, it is best to opt for full-frame window installation.

Of course, if you have purchased a new home or have recently replaced your windows, then retrofit windows are a possibility. Again, this will save you money on the final cost of replacing your windows. Do not forget that the number of windows you need to be replaced as well as the window design and materials also factor into the initial cost of new windows. 

If your primary concern is energy efficiency, full-frame window replacement is the most viable option. This way, you can rest assured that your home is now equipped with high-quality insulated and energy-efficient windows that are guaranteed to last for many years. Do not negate the fact that quality windows can do a lot to improve both the curb appeal and market value of your home. 

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