Choosing the Best Bedroom Windows for Your Home

Choosing the Best Bedroom Windows for Your Home

Thinking about changing your bedroom windows? Not quite sure what style of windows is best for the bedrooms in your home? Keep in mind that no matter what style of windows you have in your living room, they may not work well in your bedroom. So, how do you choose the right windows for your bedroom?

Vinyl windows are always an ideal choice, as they are sturdy, energy-efficient, and durable. But, what window design is the best for your bedroom? Keep reading to find out more about how to choose bedroom replacement windows.

Best Bedroom Windows Designs

Choosing the best master bedroom windows, as well as windows for children’s rooms or guest rooms, can do a great deal to improve the aesthetics of the bedroom. Moreover, it can contribute to the level of comfort and energy efficiency in your household. Here are the top three most popular window designs for bedrooms in Canada.

Casement Bedroom Windows

Casement windows, or crank-style windows, are an ideal choice for bedroom windows, as they are extremely energy-efficient. The compression seal unit on the window will keep them airtight and prevent cold drafts from entering your home. As such, they will help keep your home warm on those cold wintery nights and cooler during the hot and humid days of summer. They open outward via a hinge away from the home to allow for maximum airflow without letting bugs, insects, or rain enter your bedroom.

However, if the window openings in your bedroom are wide, then casement windows might be not the right fit, as their height exceeds the width. In this situation, most homeowners use one of the following casement and fixed window combinations to better fit the look of the room.

Casement-Fix Bedroom Windows

One of the most popular casement window combination choices for bedroom windows is the casement fix. This is a combination of fixed windows, such as bay or bow windows or picture windows, with casement windows. The fixed windows are non-operational, so only the casement window will open and close for airflow. However, this combination works well in larger rooms or those bedrooms with large and wide window openings. 

Keep in mind that with this option, it will be more difficult to find window treatments that fit these windows. This combination is often custom-designed to fit the specifications of your window opening, so typical window treatments, such as standard-size drapes and blinds, will not necessarily fit. You may also have to specially order custom-made window treatments should you opt for casement-fixed windows. 

Fixed-Casement-Fixed or Casement-Fixed-Casement Bedroom Windows

Another alternative for larger bedroom window openings is fixed casement-fixed or casement-fixed-casement window designs. In these options, either one or two of the three windows will be casement windows while the other one (or two) is a fixed window. The casement window would either be next to the fixed windows on either side or placed between the two fixed windows.

Those who have their heart set on such window treatments as curtains or drapes should opt for the fixed-casement-fixed combination. However, if you prefer binds or shades, the casement-fixed-casement option is a better choice.

Architectural Bedroom Windows

If you really want to spruce up the aesthetic feel of your bedroom, architectural windows can really change up the look of the room. Their unique shape can be used alone or combined with other window designs. 

Keep in mind that this style of window is non-operational, so they do not allow for fresh air. They are a great source of natural light, however. They come in a large array of shapes and sizes, from circles and semi-circles to hexagons, octagons, and more! Talk to your windows provider about the options for architectural windows for your bedroom.

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